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  1. I want to buy land for 8 years old semi-thai daughter by registering her name, because i have divorced her thai mother actually i am planning to build a small home on the land(in rural area) and i want to live in the home where i will build till i pass away ,eventually after i pass away , my daughter can do whatever she wants to do for the land and house as my inheritor. 1- Can i buy land in her age, is there any age limitation or restriction to own land registered by her name legally 2- Can my ex-wife sell or lease the land by using my daughter's name as she is guardian of my daughter. 3- If there are no trouble for clause 1 and 2 , can my daughter sell or lease the land once she is 20. 4- Regarding all possible issues as far as i heard, can i make an agreement between my daughter and me to obtain land's usage right till i pass away , will the agreement be legal on thaland's courts.(meanwhile, if i do that, who will sign the agreement as she is 8 years old now) . actually , there is a following law , but it is not clear for my case, Section 1574. A person exercising parental power cannot enter into any of the following juristic acts with regard to the property of the minor except with permission of the Court; selling, exchanging, sale with right of redemption, letting out property on hire-purchase, mortgaging, releasing mortgage to mortgagor or transferring the right of mortgage on immovable property or on mortgageable movable property; extinguishing the whole or a part of real right of the minor on immovable property; creating servitude, right of inhabitation, right of superficies, usufruct or any charge on immovable property; disposing of the whole or a part of the claim the purpose of which is to create real right on immovable property or on mortgageable property, or the claim the purpose of which is to have a real right on such property of the minor relieved; letting immovable property for more than three years; creating any commitments the purpose of which is to achieve the objective as provided in (1), (2) and (3); making a loan of money; making a gift, except out of the income of the minor on the minor’s behalf for charitable, social or moral purposes, and suitable to the minor’s condition in life; accepting a gift subject to any condition or charge, or refusing a gift; giving guarantee by any means whatsoever which may cause the minor to be compelled to perform an obligation or to enter into other juristic act, as requiring the minor to perform an obligation to other person or on behalf of other person; making benefit out of the property other than those provided in Section 1598/4 (1), (2) or (3) making a compromise; submitting a dispute to arbitration.
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