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  1. Yes, that one. Was it enough to thick box fit to fly or your GP wrote as well "no concerning symptoms of Covid-19"? Did your GP signed and stamped the certificate or just signed? May I ask, which airline you travelled with? Thank you
  2. Sorry for not being smart. Could anyone enlighten me, what does HN stand for on this fit to fly? Does the doctor need to write a "diagnosis", such as no Covid-19 symptoms(dry cough, high fever, breathing difficulties), which itself is not a diagnosis...? Or just thick the box "fit to fly" At the bottom of the page, only relevant if witnesses have been involved and so on? Thank you 2_Fit_to_fly_formal_template.pdf
  3. She got tested few days ago, by own initiative and a rather unpleasant experience. She wears mask since March, when nobody here could even imagine it will become a requirement. She is extremely cautious. Just confirmed with Qatar, they actually don't request PCR test for most of the nationalities. Regarding Covid-19 test before entering Thailand, this applies only to non thais and, as I understand it, it's a requirement from thai authorities.
  4. So... Did anyone have a thai wife/friend on a semicommercial flight yet? Just to confirm, there are no issues regarding NO requirement on Covid-19 test prior flying for thai nationals? I must be very stressed... It says clearly on Qatar Airways homepage, thai nationals are exempted for presenting Covid-19 test, but I am afraid, some staff would get too zealous...
  5. Endless paranoia from TAT. I wonder, does any of the thai journalists at these press briefings confront these deluded TAT officials? Does any of the journalists actually say, "dude, <deleted> is wrong with you, nobody will come, as long there is quarantine" What is this mantra, for every news comes with a forecast about how much tourists will spend? Just to show people, they do something?
  6. Need some help and clarification here. I decided to book my thai wife on a semicommercial flight, from Denmark, via Qatar, to Bangkok. Need ASQ, no confusion here.Hoping for 10 days quarantin. Fit to fly, as well, crystal clear. But things get pretty confusing about Covid-19 test.I talked with Thai Embassy in Copenhagen and they made it clear, that negative Covid-19 test is not their requirement, but it is(or it might be) a request from the airlines. At the moment Qatar does not require Covid-19 test for travellers from Denmark. Embassy encoura
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