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  1. Hi. Im male 37 living in Europe. What are my chances to get a normal/cute looking normal size thaiwife who is childfree? Young, maybe max. 23 years. (ive read, that many of the prostitutes are single moms, we got them in Europe too, dont want that). Im normal weight, average height. Got job and few educations. When i was younger some cute girls liked me. Now im too old in Europe, and my game here is done. Im average looking, clean, do some sports. Sometimes i could be even littlebit better than average looking i think. But far from bradd pitt. i allso smoke, which is a minus. And how does this thaiwife thing even work? I just go to bangkok or pattaya and start asking hookers to marry me? Allso i have this thing, that i dont wanna get screwed. Then maybe this thing is not for me? Because, i want that wife to move with me in Europe, and get a job, even a cleaner job or whatever basic, so she got something to do, and traditional europe style life, which means that both would be working, and share expenses and have own bank accounts. Then could do children and buy house etc. But those thaigirls, they dont wanna live like this? they want to stay home, and just get money from me, and allso when the retirement comes later, they will go back to thailand i guess. and allso they want to go to thailand in holidays i guess to see their mom and dad etc. Im not fond of idea of travelling, specially when i get older i dont want to travel around. so: a: is this thing even for me b: do i have a chance with there young ladies?
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