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  1. Definitely not! I like wildlife. Too many people immediately want to kill wild animals from ignorance. Luckily, I am not totally ignorant
  2. I am sympathetic to the individual.... But riding a motorbike at speed without a helmet turns the rider into a mobile organ donor. Looking at his injury list it looks like he might also have suffered the common injury of a ripped off tackle by the instrument display .... Poor man. At least in Thailand he can swap to being a ladyboy... Hmmmm.... I guess I am not very sympathetic after all. I've been riding big bikes for 40+ years and seen too many accidents caused by the bikers stupidity. In Thailand 98% of drivers and riders seem utterly imbecilic. So, what should one expect if driving/riding fast?
  3. I am embarrassed on behalf of the Thai Police. They are obviously not embarrassed. But they should be. This whole case seems to be an example of corruption of the most blatant type. Where is the "Anti-Corruption" or "Internal Affairs" police department (s)? Why are police not being arrested for corruption? Truly disgraceful.
  4. It looks to me as if he hit something/one and then hit the central barrier which flipped his bike over and landed on top of him against the barrier. A swift death I hope. Poor man. Karma? Perhaps. But definitely another example of there being too many unnecessary hazards on Thai roads. ... I hate driving at night in Thailand.
  5. Can anybody identify this little beauty? About one centimetre diameter and at least 30 CMS long... I very very nearly stood on it when walking the dogs this evening.
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