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  1. What he states is correct. But I don't understand what planet he lives on. This is a coronavirus! It WILL eventually be endemic within Thailand and all the current efforts are just postponing the inevitable. Sad but very probably true. So, Thailand will have pushed itself into serious poverty for fear of something that can't be avoided. More mindfulness is required by the political leaders so that they can better understand the reasons they are making bad decisions.
  2. My partner's home is a 4 bedroom, detached house where I could safely self-isolate for 2 or more weeks. That would be fine. But expecting me to pay some over-inflated prices to stay in a hotel is ridiculous, insulting and unnecessary. If anyone in authority reads this please take one minute to consider people such as myself. We don't deserve to be penalised and should be welcomed with open arms. Thank you.
  3. Thailand is being incredibly weak and media driven about Covid-19. They prefer to destroy their economy and sink into national poverty just because a few thousand old, fat and very ill people will die. This is ignoring the vast majority who will not be affected much. Totally out of proportion. Government by media. Such a shameful shambles.
  4. Nigerians seem to be the least liked African people with good reason. Too many foreigners think African people are all the same. They are not. To say people from the Ivory Coast are the same as Nigerians would be like saying Thais are the same as Burmese/Myanmar...
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