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  1. For any uneducated person, far away from reality, that laughed at me because I said that there are already programs that will make sure everyone on this <deleted> earth will get the COVID(CertificateOfVaccinationIdentificationDocument)-vaccine, I attached the picture. I would kindly request a reaction to that, that includes more than a „tinfoil-wearing conspiracy theorist“-comment And here you have a scientific study that proves than unvaccinated children are generally more healthy than vaccinated children: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2050312120925344
  2. Ah yes, one question for all these people here shouting about conspiracies and tinfoil-hats: Bill Gates mentioned several times that he thinks the world is overpopulated and the amount of people should be descreased drastically. Fact, you can see videos of him talking about this at TED and so on. So IF this Coronavirus is really as dangerous and only the vaccine will keep the people from dying in masses, WHY a guy who wanna decrease world population should force the vaccine?! It just makes no fukkin sense.
  3. LOL. Sure I do. My natural emotions are reactions of my healthy being. If something making me happy, I am happy. If something making me sad, I am sad. If something fukkin me up, I’m fukked up. But obviously people like you take pharma pills to suppress your natural being and your natural emotions. I really hope the Covid-vaccine is deadly like the one for the spanish flu, this way just stupid people would be wiped out by the depopulation agenda of Bill Gates.
  4. Who decides what is a conspiracy video? You? And even if, why a conspiracy video is bad? There are no conspiracies of powerful people to get even more power and influence, no?! I am so sick of you censoring people on here like in a <deleted> dictatorship of opinions. More sick than I could ever get from a virus that’s like the flu.
  5. It’s sad and funny how brainwashed you are. Funny because of obvious reasons. Sad because you represent the masses and people like you will be the reason why people like me will be forced into vaccination. I wish I could I create two parts on the earth, one part where people like you get 274774842 vaccines, and one part where people get none. It would be an eye-opener for you.
  6. You are stupid? Why is this a conspiracy theory?! If it is anything, it is a conspiracy fact
  7. Billy Boi thought about that already. Google: ID2020 It will be difficult if not impossible to fake that. He also invested in a kind of color agent which will be put under the skin to show if someone is vaccinated or not. We will be screwed because most of the people are sheeple and they take us with them. But kinda surprised not anyone in this forum is stupid. Congrats to you who are able to use their mind
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