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  1. On my flight there were a family with 2 kids + one couple of foreigners going to economy class, they didn't accompany thais, beside that all but 2-3 seats in business were for foreigners, the few thai accompanied foreigners. I was proposed economy class ticket for a flight from Frankfurt 2 days later, but I already had the ASQ booking and it was impossible to find another, get a refund when they announced that economy was full and I had to take Business (6 days before the date of the flight)
  2. That's what they told me end of June when I deposited the COE paperwork and again early july. If that responsability changed, it's a step in the right direction because getting approval in thailand was insane...
  3. Yes Thai embassy in Belgium, and the repatriation was managed by thai embassy in the Netherlands. Normally all embassies worldwide should have the same requirement, but they may adjust their requirements to make things harder if they have too much demand, but one they accept the paperwork, the COE approval is done in Thailand on a case by case basis, the Embassy told me multiple times they were "just messengers" and had no authority that all was decided in Bangkok. They also insisted that I need to "sell my case" to have higher chances to be accepted as approval depends on having a valid reason and the urgency of my return.
  4. I have just done it and made it back to Thailand... If I had to redo it I'm not sure I would have the energy anymore, so many things can go wrong, it's totally insane. I was caught in the process, then things got harder, but money had already been invested in the operation, and it kept getting worse... I feel it's almost a miracle I made it, but now looking back and knowing perfectly what stress, leap of faith and all the way it may fail, I have to vote No. I won't consider getting out again unless I'm 100% sure I can go back in a "normal way".
  5. I possibly don't know all or don't have all the info correct as things change all the time But on CAAT website they mention allowing cargo flights as long as no crew gets out... I read an article when I was in Belgium, I think it was about Air France, talking how they removed the seats from some A380 for using them as cargo and they mentionned the route to Bangkok. COE was supposed to be given and flight and ASQ up to you, but they changed that early july, now you can only get back through a repatriation flight which is managed by the thai embassy and the airline (In my case it was Thai embassy of belgium through thai embassy in Netherlands with KLM for Amsterdam-Bangkok, the alternative flight was through thai embassy in germany and Lufthansa for Frankfurt-Bangkok) It's true I did check flightradar24 and I saw some mismatch...
  6. It depends on the category under which you are repatriated, for Work Permit, the ASQ reservation will be asked after the embassy has a repatriation and willing to give you a seat. I had deposited the COE request about 16 days earlier, and 1 week after they opened a link to a google doc to apply for a repatriation flight (lucky I was checking the embassy site every day, they wouldn't give me the info by themselves). I had been emailing and trying to call them for the last 5 days of those 16 days without any luck when I got a phone call from them saying they had a repatriation flight for me on 24th for ~800€ (10 days later), which was not 100% confirmed, and that I was requested to make an ASQ reservation ASAP. I spent 10 hours and think I got the last ASQ place by begging the last hotel that suddenly turned full (this was the day with the egyptian soldier and somalian diplomat incident, I think they blocked rooms for them). Even though the hotel told me "things have changed" and they couldn't take any booking, I heard the girl talk with her manager and they finally let me make a reservation... Sent it to the embassy, they called back saying "Sorry there is a problem with the repatriation, it's full... there's only seats available in Business class for 1900€ but if you take it it's 100% sure), there was an alternative for 2 days later from Frankfurt... but my ASQ wouldn't be valid, and getting a covid test less than 72 hours before a flight on a sunday evening made that option impossible. For marriage reason, they request an ASQ reservation when you deposit the documents for the COE... That just doesn't make sense... unless it's a way to say they don't allow that category for the moment without really admiting it, or at least discouraging most of them by making the way incredibly difficult... that's my feeling.
  7. In my case it was a Boeing 787 from Amsterdam to Bangkok, operated by KLM, I did a quick count and there were about 30 seats in business 8 x 4 and there were 2 missing seats on the last row in center.
  8. Only repatriation flights are operating, arrivals and departure indicated on the airport website may indicate commercial lines operating cargo only flights (they are allowed as long as no crew gets out of the plane). Number of repatriation flights are limited by the number of quarantine places available (last week there were 3400 places available for ASQ => 6800 persons per month), I have not the number of how many government quarantine places are available for the thais. I got out of ASQ on sunday, I can say that there were Thais in my ASQ, I also know that diplomats and some guests of the government are using some of those 3400 places. Priority is given to Thai repatriates, then to foreigners contributing to the thai economy and the urgency of the return is taken into account : If you are a director of a thai company, you are more likely to be accepted than if you are an english teacher. Also you need to convince the embassy of the urgency of your return... You will have to call, email, insist, and take leap of faith to show you are willing to do what it takes to get back... My father is currently trying to get back as well, but his reason is marriage, he got married in february and had to go back to finalize things before go to live in thailand, and he got stuck since March, they ask him to get an ASQ reservation before accepting his paperwork, only 3 hotels take flexible ASQ reservations, but... when he gets the flight there is no guarantee there will be availability, I talked with the ASQ I was in, and they said they received instructions from the thai government not to take any reservation unless a repatriation flight issued through a Thai embassy is provided to them, and anyway they are fully booked for August and almost fully booked for September (as well as all others I contacted). The difficulty to get back will be adjusted according to the quota... if there are too many people wanting to come back for the number of ASQ places and repatriation flight, they'll make things more hard / impossible depending on the urgency, it's as simple as that... Economy seats are given in priority to Thai people, so expect to be asked to take a Business class seat. In my repatriation flight, there were ~300 passengers, I would say 270 Thais and 30 foreigners, all foreigners except for a couple and a family with 2 kids were in Business class.
  9. In case of repatriation under a work permit, the ASQ reservation has to be done after COE request approval and the embassy has a flight for you. (this was my case) However.. in case of repatriation under marriage, the embassy requires an ASQ (flexible) booking at the deposit of the COE application, right now only few hotels accept a flexible ASQ booking, and there is no guarantee if/when you are approved and get a flight there will be availability at that date. My father is in that case... and the ASQ hotel where I am now told me they don't accept flexible booking, and they have received the directive this week not to accept any booking without a proof of air ticket from a thai embassy. the Embassy gave him 3 hotels that accept flexible booking, of course starting at 60k baht
  10. Hi, The requirement to have a Covid-19 test for application of CEO (on married ground) has been waived (information given directly to me by Thai embassy in Belgium), only the covid-19 test before flight is necessary, and the embassy don't ask any more that you present it to them before flying as it was the case before. However on work permit ground, it has always been like that, covid-19 test only required for flying. For flying, the 72 hours requirement is the date & time of the test, no the result, prior to departure (and they do check at the airport). When you arrive in Bangkok, if the date/time of your test is more than 72 hours, you may (and will most certainly) be asked to take another covid test at your expense before entering ASQ. In my case, the test was done 71 hour before arrival, I thought they would never take into account the 5 hours time zone difference, but they did, they looked at the date and time and said "ok, you are still in time". (My references: I have been repatriated under work-permit, and I'm currently at day #13 in ASQ tested negative for the second time, going out on sunday), My father is doing the procedure to be repatriated under married ground but is stuck with some extra requests from the embassy at the moment)
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