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  1. An off topic post and the replies have been removed.
  2. A post using a trolling representation of Trump's name has been removed as well as a reply.
  3. Some off topic posts and the off topic replies have been removed.
  4. An off topic trolling post has been removed.
  5. Off topic trolling posts and replies have been removed.
  6. Off topic posts, inflammatory posts, troll posts and replies have been removed.
  7. Please do not cross post the same topic across multiple forums, please continue in the topic which is in the correct forum: //Closed//
  8. A post using ALL CAPS has been removed, please turn off your Caps Lock when posting.
  9. A derogatory troll post and the replies have been removed.
  10. The Oxford Dictionary also offers this: [transitive] buzz somebody/something (informal) to fly very close to somebody/something, especially as a warning or threat
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