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  1. Some troll posts commenting on the profanity filter have been removed: 8.) You will not post disruptive or inflammatory messages, vulgarities, obscenities or profanities. 10) Do not comment on moderation publicly in the open forum; this includes individual actions, and specific or general policies and issues. This also includes posting an emoticon in response to a public notice made by a moderator. You may send a PM to a moderator to discuss individual actions or email support (at) thaivisa.com to discuss moderation policy.
  2. A post using an unapproved Twitter source has been removed. A post linking to a pseudoscience conspiracy site has been removed. An off topic post has been removed.
  3. A post in which the quoted content had been altered has been removed: 16) You will not make changes to quoted material from other members posts, except for purposes of shortening the quoted post. This cannot be done in such a manner that it alters the context of the original post.
  4. A post using a trolling reference to POTUS has been removed, keep using that trolling reference and a warning will be coming soon.
  5. A post spouting an "echo chamber propaganda" comment has been removed, propaganda narratives seem to be custom made for each "echo chamber". If the comments don't fit another's political narrative, don't denigrate another's opinions.
  6. A troll post with a link to a propaganda/conspiracy site has been removed. Some inflammatory posts and replies have been removed.
  7. An off topic post has been removed. Some posts with insulting comments toward other members have been removed.
  8. Inflammatory posts and replies have been removed. Off topic posts and replies about an incident in Buffalo have been removed, this topic is about: Video of Floyd's death offers clues into ex-Minneapolis officers' possible defense, say legal experts
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