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  1. You will just have to find out how to contact them with your questions regarding your inability to sign in on their site. //Closed//
  2. Some inflammatory posts and replies have been removed.
  3. Some off topic posts, troll posts and the replies have been removed.
  4. Some posts with links to unapproved social media sources have been removed: 18) Social Media content is acceptable in most social forums. However, in factual areas such as news, current affairs and health topics, it cannot be used unless it is from a credible news media source or government agency, and must include a weblink to the original source.
  5. A post with unsubstantiated claims has been removed as being false/misleading information.
  6. Some troll posts have been removed. A post baiting another member has been removed.
  7. Some posts with unsubstantiated information and the replies have been removed. Some troll posts and the replie shave been removed.
  8. An off topic post about British politics has been removed. Posts using ALL CAPS have been removed, please turn off your Caps Lock when posting.
  9. An off topic post has been removed. A post with content that was copy and pasted from some site without a supporting link has been removed.
  10. Another Covid conspiracy troll post and a reply has been removed.
  11. A post with a link to a Questionable Source which promotes propaganda/conspiracies has been removed as well as the replies.
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