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  1. Off topic posts and replies about Chinese food and IP theft have been removed.
  2. As there is no supporting link provided to the source of information in the opening post, this topic is closed.
  3. A post in which the quoted content had been altered has been removed: 16) You will not make changes to quoted material from other members posts, except for purposes of shortening the quoted post. This cannot be done in such a manner that it alters the context of the original post.
  4. Off topic posts and replies about rednecks in the USA, magpies, and songbirds have been removed.
  5. A post with a link to Bangkok Post has been removed: 26) The Bangkok Post and Phuketwan do not allow quotes from their news articles or other material to appear on Thaivisa.com. Neither do they allow links to their publications. Posts from members containing quotes from or links to Bangkok Post or Phuketwan publications will be deleted from the forum.
  6. Posts using trolling images have been removed. Other off topic posts and replies have been removed.
  7. Some off topic posts and replies about road deaths have been removed. Some posts discussing alleged returned members have been removed.
  8. Some troll posts have been removed. Some posts using trolling images have been edited to remove the trolling images.
  9. Posts with links to an unapproved YouTube site have been removed: 18) Social Media content is acceptable in most social forums. However, in factual areas such as news, current affairs and health topics, it cannot be used unless it is from a credible news media source or government agency, and must include a weblink to the original source. A post commenting on moderation has now been removed.
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