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  1. 7 hours ago, Sheryl said:

    Letter from hospital on hospital letterhead. Will have to state yoyr condition and that you are unable to travel and indicate for jow long. 


    Some IOs also require pictures.


    It is generally expected that the patient will be hospitalized or have an obvious  physical injury (cast on a broken leg for example). This is not something that simply getting medical cate entitles you to.

    Don't mind me asking, but how do you know all this for certain?

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  2. I can enter even without a covid test result but I would have to self-quarantine for 14 days which would kinda defeat the purpose of going there. I wouldn't be able to go out, do or see anything or meet people. My information comes from a govt site: https://croatia.hr/en-GB/coronavirus-2019-ncov-q-and-a


    Hence, I am still hoping to find a place in Bangkok that can provide a covid test result in 24 hours and allows me to take the test in the evening after office hours.  

  3. My destination country requires a negative covid PCR test result that's less than 48 hours old (from the time the swab is taken to the time I present my passport at the destination's immigration counter). The whole flight itself is at least 18.5 hours and that's not counting delays, and PCR tests usually require 24 hours to process, all of which means that I'll probably need to find somewhere near suvarnabhumi to get the test done, then go straight to the airport once I've gotten the result. Does anyone here know of a hospital/clinic near the airport which offers a 24 hour turnaround covid test or if departing passengers can get the test done at the airport itself?  Thanks in advance for any helpful answers/advice. 

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