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  1. and the red carpet for a Quatar flight... who will be on it Mr T? or miss Y?? hahahaha
  2. only 1 "0" difference and an zero is nothing of course hehehehehe
  3. I hope it is an example for the other EU embassies too.. Come on ambassadors don't stay behind and follow this exemple. Pass this incompetent Government
  4. How big are these airplanes??? 10.000 a day in 5 flights...???? 2000 a flight??
  5. End of July a long holiday for stimulating domestic tourism , same as Songkran.. and also as dangerous as Songkran for spreading of the new strains
  6. Impossible to understand.. Some one with so called media shares is being banned for 10 years and a drug convict can have a good position in the ruling party.. I think people who has to guide and lead the country or whatever should be examples for the rest of the population and show how to behave.. but here .... the bigger criminal the better you are protected
  7. I Don't take the risk, I do it at the immigration office every time, as they advised me to do..
  8. start to vaccinate expats and people who are retired here. They can and will travel across the country, but the government is giving all kind of hurdles everytime to discourage these vaccinations, as they discourage more things as Civil Union Bill, easier visa restrictions and even the requirements for the Phuket Sandbox
  9. Phillipines signed a deal for 40 m vaccines of Pfizer.. delivery starts 8 eight weeks from now... So end of August.. Why the so called deal with Thailand than only at the end of this year?? Something wrong I think and I can't understand why the media doesn.t grill Prayuth and the people don't react to this bunch of pocketfilling Government
  10. I don't worry . I only feel pity for the poverty that will come because of a lack of vision and the big greed of the military and the Government
  11. yes sure.. I am wondering why 129.000 and not 130.000????? How many rooms are booked already and how many seats on flights are already confirmed?? Numbers is what they like in Thailand and all for lottery I think, but the reality is just like winning.... often you stand empty handed
  12. more cases to come, the more we open Thailand, as i keep on writing time after time.. Vaccinate your people before opening again. The stupid PM doesn't understand that and gives people false hopes. in less than 120 days the country can't open and with the different covid infections, nobody will know what will happen. Besides, It is said many times that Sinovac is not good, but he keeps on using it, instead of skipping the FDA with their slow approvals, order the Mrna vaccines as soon as possible.. Although I am aware that the whole world want that, but the more you ask, the sooner you get.
  13. The people should be aware that till now the party did not do anything good for the country.. See how the handling the Covid situation.... If the whole country open their eyes this party is doomed to loose.. But with the corruption and the maffia now in their midst we know the results of the elction probabl already
  14. wait and see for the coming moths, the reality will be different from they write and think on papers....
  15. Thailand can give up now the war against drugs... soon there will be gangs ......drugs and maffia and army leading a country....
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