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  1. China's transparency with regards to the jab is lacking. With that being said. Unless you do a side by side test, at exactly the same time, with a similar population, it's impossible to compare the jabs. Impossible. Thailand will be manufacturing the AZ jab. And with private hospitals offering alternatives, it's quite nice being here. 4k is peanuts.
  2. So you're trying to differentiate between fainting at the sight of a needle, and fainting after it pricks you. Hmmm....
  3. You've not been around many who've been jabbed then. I've seen many faint at the sight of just the needle.
  4. I'm guessing because they didn't pay the big money western countries did to get first crack at the jabs. And Thailand is far from the only one like this.
  5. But it's the current reality. You should know that. I'm not saying it's good. Just the current reality globally.
  6. And how is that different from health care availability now? Answer. Not at all.
  7. Thailand is NOT charging any money for the jabs. You just have to wait your turn. Just like back home. The option presented here is for you to pay a small amount to get the jab. Can't understand what's wrong with that. Sign me up!
  8. I thought Trump campaigned on America first? Time perhaps we start treating Israel the same way they treat the Palestinians? That's hardly anti-Semite.
  9. You're right. Millions have recovered from the jab with no problems. Are you trying to say covid deaths are a hoax? Come on....
  10. It's hardly a vague memory for many of us. And we perhaps prefer to spend our money where we're not harassed. Makes sense.
  11. In one small country where it had no impact....yes. overall, the biggest problem we have with voter fraud are the politicians who support the bug lie. They should set an example and lead. Sadly, they are telling porkies. And sadly, many are falling for it.
  12. You sure fall for this bs. NH is a big nothing burger. You really need to find a better source for your news. https://www.nhpr.org/post/ag-asked-investigate-differing-vote-totals-contested-windham-race#stream/0 The recount for the Windham race, conducted by the Secretary of State’s office, didn’t alter the outcome: Four Republican candidates swept the historically conservative district in the first round of tallying done at the Windham polls on Nov. 3, and again after the votes were reviewed at the State Archives. However, the margin of victory over the clos
  13. Why not believe what Barr said and let it go. Much more important things to worry about than this. And it just creates more problems than it solves.
  14. Miller is with Trump plotting how next to destroy America. Along with Brad P. who was fired by Kushner. Kushner is apparently out. Great news!
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