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  1. I was in Phuket Immigration yesterday and it was packed. You would think during a pandemic they would have safer ways to go about this..
  2. Never. I do have an Embassy letter. Phuket to Samui, a little trip I would've done if covid didn't exist..
  3. But then we have Vietnam who's been letting foreigners extend 1-3 months by simply paying for it. Why hasn't Thailand implemented something similar?
  4. There are people getting extensions until October 15 without having to provide proof of residence but me, & others getting asked to bring a ton of extra paperwork. We're in line, my gf provides her paperwork, all good, she was given a ticket, told to wait for her number to get called up.. "Next" I hear, walk up to the counter, provide the SAME EXACT paperwork my gf gave them, and guess what, they tell me I have to get my landlord to provide proof of residence and more.. this Monday will be my third time heading there as they keep asking for new requirements every damn time we go.. What is going on? Moreover, from what I've read around the web, I never got a 30 day extension, this will be my first, do I have the right to ask for a 'normal' extension instead of getting the 2 week "Covid" extension they're providing us in Phuket Immigration? Cheers.
  5. How'd you get extension until November 15? I thought 30 days tops.
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