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  1. Nowdays, Thai government's tourism statements are so funny that they might get any Thai comedians out of jobs. If it happens, they might be called another casualties of the pandemic.
  2. Quite true. Tourists from the selected origins are allowed in. But they are going to be treated like prisoners on their arrival. Who ever wants to come to Thailand to stay in the detention center without guild? And even worse, TAT Selected Countries like US& Europe are new pandemic centers themselves. Her brain could be as small as crocodile's. Or might be even smaller.
  3. Is Thai Government really planning to end national blockade policy in December this year? If so, they are going to have to do away with the current restrictions such as: 1-Coronavirus-free certificate issued within 72 hours before airline c/in for the flight to Thailand. 2-Mandatory travel insurance with $100000- cashless hospital care deal. Not every country in the world issues C/virus free clearance. Not every country has travel insurance with cashless hospital treatment deal. Cashless deal is the kind of scheme with which the clients do not have to make any up-front payment when they are treated at hospitals while in the destination country. I don't believe they can hardly regain their reputation as the popular easy-to-visit destination as long as they got the above 2 codes.
  4. Hello, jvs, Yes, Thai workers who got the place to home is rather lucky. Since rest of their families often engage in self-sustaining old-style farming in rural areas. They can grow rice, vegetables(or get them in their swap trade with neighbors) and raise chickens in their backyards for eggs and meat. One fortunate thing is, that a lot of Thais still use firewood and charcoal for cooking. So they don't have to pay for the fuel they use(other than gasoline for their motorcycles). Life of the urban poor(reliant on inbound tourism) will be very hard; they have no places to run for another life. Quite sad those otherwise good people might be forced into illicit activities or begging as the victims of circumstances.
  5. "a sharp decline of 75 per cent from around Bt3 trillion last year. " ------------------------------------------------------------------ The worst possible predication is 75% less(tourism revenue) than usual? It is a kind of amazing to me. No new international arrivals both by land and air for indefinite period. No new check-ins at any levels of accommodations. No demands for the local tours & tourist-oriented retailers. Where does the rest of the 25% come from? Does that 25% come from the spending by the Thai local domestic travelers, foreign retirees, and the detained-tourists unable to leave Thailand due to airline flight suspension? In such a circumstance, 25% retainer looks quite sizable.
  6. Hello, lee B & other fellow members, Yes, I have also got a few cases of paranormal experiences in my past. Episode-1 Something out there? It happened to me in the middle of the winter nearly 2 decades ago. It was a blood-chilling incidence to me indeed. One freezing cold night of the mid January in 2001, I was alone in the apartment room I have lived at that time. That premise was the staff housing the company rented for their employees. Normally housing 4 people. But other 3 were either transferred out or left the job. Not just this unit. But the whole building was then near empty. Feeling quite uncomfortable with the eerie silence both outside and inside, I felt I wish I could take some booze on such an occasion(I am allergic to alcohol beverages). It was 11:45pm when I checked the time on the alarm clock beside my pillow. I lay down in the bed to sleep. I was about to fall asleep as usual. Yes, as usual... All of sudden, strange noise beside my pillow stunned me awake. Pretty loud. Sounded as if timber torn violently. 'What the...?' Split second later, something grabbed me. In the head. Clearly felt two hands from both sides of my head! Two hands grouped around my head and swiftly came down. Down to my neck. Those things then started to strangle me. 'Aaaugh...! Couldn't open my eyes. My limbs felt numb and powerless. Couldn't scream... Power of hands I cannot see was just getting stronger and stronger. Every second felt like forever. Truly. Felt I would get killed by something soon. By the thing I don't even comprehend. I was about to lose my consciousness... But then unknown hidden resources within me stood up and started to say 'NO'. Stay alive!I gotta live. Live. Live. Live. Live. Live. Live.... All the religious scriptures I knew suddenly burst out. Like a flood from within. Felt the evil force round my neck somehow got weaker. Their hold started to wane. Then all gone. I noticed I suddenly could move freely. Eyes open. Same white wall stood in front of me as if absolutely nothing happened. Sweat soaked. The next moment, cold gush of the wind shot through from my toes to the top of my head. Have never felt anything like that... And I trembled. In what had happened to me a few moments ago. Gotta take a shower and change. I started to walk to the bathroom. Same familiar mirror stood in front of me in the bathroom. I then saw myself in the mirror and startled. For life. Clear marks of TWO HANDS around my neck. Yes, on my very throat.. That's all for today, folks. Take care, B.T.
  7. Looks like his whole press release is already stupid enough. Sensational headline. But it really means NOTHING new. Nothing more than keeping their current entry restrictions. I just don't understand what is that whole press conference was for. Just wasting everyone's time including the speaker himself.
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