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  1. Hello, Ubonjoe, Thank you for your reply. I turned off the popup. But it only says I should contact the immigration. And could not see any further pages. Thank you for your suggestion. B.T.
  2. Hello, Cormanar7, Thank you for your kind advice. Every time I tried, I could never see the 3rd page. All I could see was white blackout after pressing Submit button. Thank you again for your suggestion. B.T.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I am writing to forward my query related to the above topic. Today, I have tried it at this URL https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do?cmd=acceptTerm However, I couldn't get any reference number which is supposed to be issued on the spot. I entered every personal detail correctly. But after I pressed the submit button, nothing turns out. All I could see was the blank white pages. I tried at 2 separate locations: At home and a internet shop. But same results. I have been on retir
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