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  1. i go to resturants catering to foreigners on occasion, because most resturants dont have the dishes on the menu, or even know what the hell i am saying when i order. that is me that eat more chili then any thai i know, imagine the tourists that have never seen chili on a dish, they are normally discontent trying to eat thai food, so the niche catering to foreigners is needed for a better experience
  2. catering to foreigners means foreign food on the menu, and yes there is a better profit in that niche, no different in principle then mercedes can charge a much higher unit price, but the volume is not anywhere near toyota
  3. i would opt for good distance, and use glasses when reading
  4. although i think solar panels is a waste of habitat, this can solve the storage issue that plagues solar energy
  5. its going to drive you insane to use a phone with insufficient ram & battery, take my word for it, memory deficiency leads to freeze and battery deficiency leads to dead phone, and its hard to tell which one is more annoying. see to it that it has 6 gb ram and 5000 mah battery minimum, so that it may work flawlessly, its around 6000 baht for proper specs, but its well worth the extra 2000 baht to not go nuts in frustration over holly inadequate specs. my maid that are destitute was going to borrow my old phone when hers broke, but she came b
  6. i dont think subsidies should be thrown around, some nations act more irresponsible then others. sweden didnt shut down their economy so they wont be needing any handouts, others did and will be wanting handouts from sweden
  7. they split it in half, the workers depend on tip to make a living, this is the one case where i do tip, 50 baht, if they are trying, if nothing else to ensure they want to give me massage again, but unfortunately its difficult to find real quality, i have been on a string of luck for the past 3 years having access to quality, before they would just vanish within 3 month after i finally found them
  8. in my conclusion, a minimum of 6 gb ram is required if you are using apps to ensure the phone dont freeze in lack of free memory, and i noted with displeasure from my [email protected]#$%$ huawei phone that 3200 mAh battery dont even last the full day. i am content with oppo a9 2020 8 gb ram 5000 mah 6800 baht, its enough to charge it twice a week, but i wouldnt mind samsung 31/50 with 6 gb 6000 mah either, similar priced to oppo. if i want cheapest but still functional i would try to get motorola G7 power with 4/6 gb ram & 5000 mah battery for below 5000 baht, it hel
  9. no doubt the afghan government is as corrupt as it can ever get, but at least they arent flogging school girls for learning math
  10. i saw a massage shop next to me lowered it to 100 now promotion, i am contemplating trying it out, but i really dont like to try out new places when i finally found a place with effective massage, in my experience 90% is not worth the time let alone money, its pure luck to find competence
  11. someone that hasnt killed a human is a liability in battle, there is no telling if he is going to kill or flip out. not excusing executions of pow & civilians, its ultimately a selfish act by the commanders with no empathy for humans whatsoever
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