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  1. they look neat, and i like it how you can buy a trailer and shuffle it around with a pickup, but labor is cheap here and truth is you would pretty quickly run out of things to do with it lest others can call you for work which you cant do as foreigner anyway. compared to forest harvest machines excavators are dependable and dont break down even a fraction as much
  2. stay far away from a vehicle with shady book. i bought one and the hustler assured it was legal book, turns out it wasnt so i couldnt sell it, and when i wanted refund i got 1/3 back
  3. i always compare specs with gsmarena and check if there is a mismatch in lazada and gsmarena, if they cant be arsed to get it right there, i cant be arsed to buy either
  4. yeah, memory and battery is the bottlenecks that you feel. 6 GB RAM 64 GB ROM and 6000 mAh battery is the minimum requirements not to have your phone ruin your quality of life normally there is a function to close all running apps, many of those stay active otherwise and easily binds up a few GB RAM worth of memory
  5. thanks, a couple of friends explained it, but i found an even better option, thai airways will resume direct flights in the supposed high season october -end of february. im still going to have to use wheelchair in bkk airport im afraid, but at least i got a few month to get use to the preposterous idea https://book.thaiairways.com/plnext/tgpnextDX/Override.action#/FDCT
  6. no, i am not wheelchair bound, i dont feel sorry for myself, and none other than myself found the direct flight. furthermore i havnt been spitting venom but other have, i wont be flying qatar, if you had been following this thread youd know i found thai airways resume direct flight in october, and i wont be needing help or care, i just need the wheelchair for the distances in bkk airport, i have no doubt they will voluntarily push me out of the plane when it land if i cant walk at that stage, i am not worried i will make it with a direct flight
  7. no, i have never used wheelchair and just the idea is repulsive, but facts are it hurt so much i dont want to get up from bed at all, im heading for a bed i wont have to get up from
  8. thanks richard, you are a helpful man, but i already found direct flights will resume in october, i postpone it until then, its not like i want to freeze, its just that its becoming just too painful to walk at all
  9. it was surprising to me, i gave up after having searched every day in june and july, but since im out of option i resumed searching and finally found it, just that its only during high season thai airways are trying to make a buck on swedish climate refugees
  10. i came here to ask how i can get there with the least amount of walking, as it turned out, and much to my surprise, i was better at google, and you probably didnt even make an attempt to be helpful, just came here to spit venom
  11. oh yeah: about covid test, if i fly on monday, can i make a test on friday 3 days before ?
  12. i edited in a link in the reply, check above link, look at the 2nd flight with thai airways
  13. thai airways for example, and that is what i will take, 500 dollar or so compared to 400 for stops and shifting plane, best money ever spent https://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/bkkt/stoc/220228/?adults=1&adultsv2=1&cabinclass=economy&children=0&childrenv2=&inboundaltsenabled=false&infants=0&outboundaltsenabled=false&preferdirects=true&preferflexible=false&ref=home&rtn=0
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