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  1. well, to specify, if a link confirm my claim, it will be deleted. i predict you will never see placeholder post my link, its going to get taken down
  2. sent, but i can again predict your link will be deleted, its predictable, i base my prediction on statistics
  3. everyone is going home, every 2nd shop on the sois around me closed. that still doesnt mess up my life but the shut down of massage places do
  4. you should know by now twitter links and the like are deleted, you have to google it for yourself
  5. and what about black lives matter, are they nuts and terrorists and should be in jail, or do they stand above the law ?
  6. well looting is so common in riots so the terms are interchangeable
  7. if you google 'mostly peaceful protests images' you will find that riot is the new normal, only how it is viewed changes, some say these activists inspire and want to make the vision reality
  8. A certain amount of physical wasting or atrophy—also medically termed “regional deterioration of brain structure”—occurs in the brain naturally with age.1 The impact of these structural alterations is vastly underestimated by both physicians and patients alike. This process usually commences around age 30, with marked acceleration observed at 50. https://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2011/10/combating-age-related-brain-deterioration
  9. in sweden in winter time, there are no vulnerable road users on the road, and since its winter almost all year around, very few bother to buy a motorcycle so there arent many on the roads in summer either. is it plausible that this statistic will differ between sweden and thailand ?
  10. in what country ? that should be specific to nation regarding how many scooters vs cars etc
  11. lazada is cheaper, you just need to check that the specs on lazada matches with gsmarena.com so its not a copy
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