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  1. do it bro.. seee what a lovely and kind community we have here when we share our experience and opinions. lol CRAZY times...
  2. i do....dont you. lol Everyone smells...lol I shower2 times a day , what about you? Do you eat? What about breath? AHH i got a good one ....do you think before you type?
  3. Funny you ask....lol when I went to take pictures because i had visited prior and was gonna upload on google... the shop owners would come out and start yelling...BAI BAI BAI!!! lol its an interesting time to be alive....
  4. nice, good for you man. and not certain however, pre situation things were different. Thanks for your op
  5. wow so defensive... interesting. And why would anyone post in a thai forum and make up a false story>> lol like what would one gain from that? jaja...
  6. Sure isnt something wrong with everyone? Are you perfect? This stuff is happening....I wouldnt be sharing if it didnt. lol
  7. On a last note....I in no way, shape, or form are singling out Thai people....MOST is NOT all. Im sure if id be anywhere in the world ....traveling i'd be having the same feelings because Thanks for reading and giving your opinion.
  8. Hi all my expat brothers and sisters. Been thinking and feeling a certain kind of way lately...well honestly since the start of the CornHolio 19. Not a day goes by that I don't run into someone that is scared to be around me or come near me. I wonder and would like to know your general feelings of how and specifically what has changed in your personal opinion pre and post this "situation". I grew up in the US of Slaves and long story short climbed the corporate ladder and did well. Quite well, worked my tail off since I was 15 yrs old until my 29th year and then decided to sell and sold everything. Homes, cars, and endless amounts of stuff. Decided to start traveling the world and did/doing. Went here there and back around and ended up here in Thailand for the last year or so. Been living with my Thai GF here in the south for the last 8+ months straight. I originally liked and decided to stay here because from the surface I felt very welcomed and honestly very at home in the local city I stay in as there is very little tourist that stay here. The city itself isnt a destination so tourist never stay long, usually 1 evening max. Anyhow I get along with almost every single person i'd come across from the north to the south. Im the type of person who ensures eye contact and causes you to break a SMILE because I always have one beaming bright. Well thats how I used to be in retrospect pre face Diapers. Now back to my 29th year...I left the USSA (United Soviet States of America) because of me finding revelation in many of my ways of thinking, desiring and believing. I did and continue to do daily research on why we are breathing ...alive I mean...lol. , The Federal Reserve, The Petro Dollar, Fiat Currencies, Governments and monetary policy. Quite frankly its an interest to study the majorities habits, preferences and well ....motives....and then do the complete and total opposite. Anyways back to the subject at hand....The last 5 months have been really hard....on im sure a whole lotta people, especially the ones that have been economically shattered and destroyed by ALL governments reactions to the CorNHolio 19 . That being said and respected Id like to read some other fellow expats/tourists experiences pre/post situation. For me its like this. Ive done, seen, bought and been in the same places for like I said the last 8 months. NOT ALL....but the majority act as follows. Im cycling down the street, and the person sees that Im not Thai....- ----Swerves on their scooter to fix/adjust their mask almost hurting crashing so they wont breath my exhales?///!?? I'm walking with my GF -----Thais see me and Run aCross the street to the opposite side -----We are walking in silence, enter a restaurant/market/store...she tells me something in english and people disperse, stare and FOCUS in horror as they powerWalk away.... -----Refuse me entrance and service in a barber shop and copy shop (in fairness they have lovely printed signs posted multiple times all over shop windows "NO FARANG ENTER") In the copy shop i was quite embarrassed. 6-8 Thais on the computers and as I enter half put on their mask and the owner puts on her mask and tells me I have to go. I had the pleasure of being escorted out ...because......yea.... -----At the Gym that ive been going to for the last 1/2 a year , seeing the same dam people They social distance me, avoid eye contact and have selfie pose contest with each other. You know I wonder a lot and think a lot....especially now that I rarely make any new thai friends.....where has common sense gone? I didnt know how it felt to be treated different because I guess you can say In Los Angelos where I was born and raised, being hispanic the majority of people are latinos or at least the cities I called home. I never encountered "racist" actions towards me. But hey life always is teaching us...I'm grateful for the great time i had Pre situation and of course my loving GF that is thankfully WOKE and shares many of the same views as me. I hope to hear from you...yea you thats read my long post. Hopefully this can be a way of venting. On a last note....I in no way, shape, or form are singling out Thai people....MOST is NOT all. Im sure if id be anywhere in the world ....traveling i'd be having the same feelings because of the severity and success of the Television Programming and all the other propaganda saturated media mediums governments are using to spew out their agendas. With warm regards all, thanks for YOUR OPINION>
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