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  1. One thing I find amusing . The gov is against gambling full stop. So what is the gov run lottery then? You will never stamp out gambling like alcohol etc.In Holland the gov could not get rid of prostitution so they legalized it and now the hookers pay tax lol
  2. I think the lockdowns have big thing to do with people trying to kill themselves Imagine the operators in the tourist industry in Thailand who have lost everything They cant even afford to put bread on the table What price in human sacrifice has this covid done? Honest truth Thailand has the worst government to steer them through this crisis. They live in a bubble There response Invoke emergency powers. What the hell for really?
  3. Songkran do many Thais actually know what it stands for? Its a green light to act the fool drive like an idiot and get killed and be drunk for 4 days. Oh and throw water over each But best of all what Thais like most is that they get out of work for 4 days
  4. Does anyone know who sells australian Beer in Ubonratchathani I cant stomach that Thai beer
  5. What about all the stray dogs that have Rabbis that try and bite me every morning when I walk Lets all just lock ourselves in our houses and be scared of everything I am more scared of the Thai drivers to be honest and they dont carry a virus. My car has done 60,000 Klms and i have already worn out a set of brake pads by using my brakes that often to accommodate the idiots on the road
  6. They be the bar owners who have not paid there dues in the brown envelops this month
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