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  1. TO have low covid-19 cases is to test a few. 1 Thai people with symptoms stays home and do not go to doctors because Thai people never like to take medceine. THye usually go to the pharmacy and getsomething from them. 2. Thai government does not have apolicy to do mass testing. Only on the cases reproted. So It is very obvious that Covid-19 is rampant in Thailand and not reported. First, this woman and husband are crazy coming to Thailand to enjoy their nice home on Kho Samui. They must be rich and somehow connected with the Thai government
  2. you all are assumining that the french woman was already infected before coming to Thailand. and all of you believe the government has done a great job from notspreading the virus betwen Thais. It is obvious that she was infected by either a local person or in the plane to Kho Samui there are no distancing on the plane
  3. how stupid these french people to spend all the money to do what ? now they will have to go home..plus they will be quarantine again. apparently they are rich enoguh to have a residence in Kho Samui. THe problem is the government has no brain , and filled with medivial VOO DOO things If you do not test your own people how can you blame the foreigner to bring the virus in thailand.. Can't wait to hear that one of the chinese has covid-19
  4. both of you are wrong. get covid 19 does not mean you will die. most of the people recover But to prevent the spread of Covid-19 you need to do a thorough test...there is no way to do distancing. and how far..this virus is airbone.. it will get you on the plane in a restuarant or a restaurant
  5. It means that the thai government is <deleted>..ing idiots with medevial thought between their ears. It really mean that the Thai population were not tested well.. and there are a lot COVID 19 Thai Zombies walking around....HAHA Instead of worry about the foreigners better your own people better. How stupid this frenc couple to spend all kind of money and get the covid 19.Better go home otherwise they will dump more money what hppennedto the 14 days self quarantine JUST CAN"T WAIT TO HEAR when ONE OF THE CHINESE GOT COVID19 too
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