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  1. the article says: 1. need to be vaccinated 2. need to have a negative covid test 3. you are not allowed to travel out of phuket for 7 days with limited mobility. So many questions left to answer: 1. do you need another covid test after the fake quarantine for 7 days. 2. How can they control being 7 days in Phuket? 3. how far are you suppose to move away from the hotel.? 4. what prevent anybody to take a bus or drive out of bangkok? Tourists will not be fooled. The 7 days will look like a quarantine. they will not come. Poor plan.
  2. Both vaccines uses MRNA principle with protein to help the body develop immunities. So far, they are reliable. different storage temperature makes them harder to distribute Pfizer in rural areas because of refrigeration. Moderna is a good welcome into the vaccine race. I read somewhere that the cost will be around 3,000 baht for the 2 shots. When it comes to health and reliable medication, price has no value. It is still worth it. The news have indicated that they may be vaccine booster. The 2 companies are working on a booster pill. That is quite logical. and i
  3. the decision to order and how much is up to some governmental official. My good guess is that it will be offered at private hospital at a fee- not free - There are handling and shipping fees, and refrigeration. At least, Moderna should be available mid summer. It is still good news -now you have a good option no matter what it costs. Rejoice and be relieved
  4. Sorry to hear Whether agreed or not , these are rules to follow to contain the spread of the virus. if you follow the rules, you do not have to worry about the fine amount.
  5. these Farangs are tarnishing the farangs' image in Thailand. Due to this pandemic, the world has changed on how we live and do business. The days that farangs believe to continue their "free spirit" living in Thailand are over for a while. If they don't like it, they should be returned to their home country. Everybody living in thailand need to fall in lines with Thai regulations and procedures and give a chance for the government to contain the epidemic. The same rules have been implemented everywhere else in the world.
  6. Speed vaccination is probably the best solution. Reading report about Seychelles Islands where more than 60% of the population received the Chinese vaccines to see an increase of COvidd-19 cases. The Key is to be injected with best result and reliable vaccine.
  7. Statistical numbers are never linear. They will go up or down over time. We can only conclude that this virus is still prevailing and mutates well in our society, and unfortunately people will be infected. Countries who have inoculated more than 50% of their population with the vaccine have seen a rise of positive Covid19 test results. It still not a good feeling. but I am sure progress will be made to control this virus. the big question is how long will it takes to reach that level.
  8. I think the whole world is in the same situation . Every government in the world is doing their best to secure enough vaccines. the supply is limited . the fear is the mutation and spread of this virus no matter how well the vaccination effort is going. We all hope for the best outcome.
  9. It is always a tough medical decision. It is an unknow territory because no Vaccines has proven the duration of its immunity and how it will work when mixing type of vaccines. that will be more studies,. The worst scenario, there may be some kind of a booster by the end of year. That would help.
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