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  1. Not that well contained if they are having so many cases. Where are they contained and how many are there ?
  2. STILL CONFUSED. So today mainland Europe record around 19 deaths in total. POPULATION OF ABOUT 741 MILLION. But UK records nearly 100 DEATHS. POPULATION ABOUT 67 MILION. This is disparity is so bizarre. Why is the UK suffering so badly STILL. UK record 10 deaths in hospitals. So where are the 90 deaths happening? It just goes on and on, why are people dying outside of hospitals? If they are ill why are they not being bought to hospitals? I still can't get answers, even from experts i follow on twitter ! What's so confusing is that the number of cases is lower in the UK than Spain, Germany, France and has been for almost a month now - but those countries are reporting low single figure deaths.
  3. So what's going on with Singapore? Whilst it's neighbours all seem to have dealt with Covid very well - Thailand, Malaysia, and China. Singapore seems to be still struggling with this virus. After a slight fall during lockdown cases are rising again. It's often reporting well over 300 cases a day, with a small population of 5.8 million they have one of the highest per 100,000 rates in the world. Granted they are probably testing more than the likes of Thailand, but it's still a crazy outbreak. What is even more baffling though, is despite such a high infection rate, they've managed to keep mortality down to only 27 cases in total, which is a phenomonal achievement. Thoughts ?
  4. I've been following the covid data on worldmeters for a while now. The UK infection rate has fallen quite dramatically, it's daily rate is now better than Spain and France. Per 100,000 it's actually doing very well, compared to many other countries in Europe. It also has very few people left in hospital, on ventilators, or in a seriously critical condition (doing much better than the rest of Europe). Yet it's death rate continues to be so high. So if you look at a few days ago, the rest of Europe had the odd death from Covid. Most countries had none - France, Italy, Germany had 0 deaths. Spain had 2. Yet the UK posted 120. Back at the peak the UK was having some thousand daily deaths, but it's dropped down now. But it's still averaging over 500 a week, and it doesn't seem to drop. We get days where over 100 are dying. How is this possible? Now people say the UK reporting is skewed. But is it? Why would a government want to increase it's numbers? It doesn't make sense. The deaths in hospitals are also very low. Infact if you isolate that 120 number, only 15 died in hospitals. So where are the other 105 dying? With hospitals now freed up, why are people not dying in hospitals? There is obviously the care home issue, but once again why aren't the people in care homes who are ill being taken to hospital? Also it still doesn't explain then why Spain or Italy aren't seeing the same numbers, as they have a more elderly population than the UK. The UK also has the highest excess death rates in Europe, before anyone says the numbers are an inflated conspiracy. Does anyone know whats going on? Why are other countries seemingly on top of this but the UK is still struggling with mortality?
  5. I'm the legal guardian of two twins, who attended schools in Bangkok. Today though, i have given up. The process of returning on repatriation flights is just mind numbingly soul destroying. The Thai Embassy in London, maybe busy, but they really are appalling. They don't answer any phones, and they do not reply to the question you ask, instead you are given a stock answer to some general question. Today i just gave up. Forget it, it's just not worth it. The hoops and hurdles you have to go are horrific. Bless those who have gone through the process without problems! Secondly, some of these repatriation flights are pretty dangerous in regards to the virus. Thai's not having to get tested is idiotic and dangerous to foreigners (who do have to get tested 72 hours beforehand) on the same flight. Thirdly, i have contemplated if Thailand has an outbreak and has to close down again. At the moment life there seems pretty good, but i saw the reaction to that Egyption incident, and it was alarming. If they do get an outbreak again, i can imagine everything will go back to lockdown, which will make life pretty miserable. Bless those who've got back, fully hope things work out well ! The irony being i didn't have a problem with the quarantine !
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