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  1. Buying a second-hand car requires a car that is of high quality and is not so depreciated. The Toyota Corolla is pretty good, you can read about it here. This is a Thai website, introducing the Toyota Corolla listed in Thailand. If you don’t understand Thai, you can use translation software.
  2. Chevrolet's car is quite good. I bought a pickup Chevrolet Colorado. The service is very good. Even if the car breaks down on the road, I will come over as soon as I call.
  3. Just say that I don’t want your son to continue living with us. He has already 18 years old and he can take care of himself.
  4. Thank you for sharing, it can help many people who want to leave Thailand
  5. At this price, I might be more inclined to Mazda, such as Mazda 2. Among the several options you gave, I think Honda Accord is also a good consideration. The new generation of Accord has made many upgrades, so you can search for more information.
  6. Vios is a very cost-effective scooter. I have seen its introduction on the website before, and I think it is quite good. It is very suitable for work, and the price is not very expensive. But this website is in Thai, you can use translation software to read https://www.autofun.co.th/cars/toyota/vios
  7. The new car will have a red license plate when it leaves the factory, but the license plate must be replaced as soon as possible (within 30 days)
  8. Thailand has always been known for its tolerance . I think such a law should be implemented long ago
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