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  1. I just received this message from the U.S. Government. Don't ask ME questions as you know as much as I after reading this; >>Message for U.S. Federal Benefits Recipients: The United States Department of the Treasury now offers direct deposit of federal benefit payments, including Social Security Administration (SSA), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and Office of Personnel Management (OPM), to banks in Thailand. The payments are automatically converted to Thai Baht (THB) at the international exchange rate before they are deposited in the account. U.S. dollar payments are not available. The United States Department of the Treasury does not charge fees to make the deposits. However, Thai banks may charge fees. Direct deposit is the safest, most convenient and reliable method of receiving your benefits. The payment is electronically transmitted to your bank account and you have immediate access to your funds by the payment date. There are no delays, including missing and stolen checks. You do not have to do anything if you are currently enrolled in direct deposit. Your payments will continue to be sent to your current bank. If you wish to sign up for direct deposit or switch your direct deposit arrangement to another bank in Thailand, please contact the agency listed below. FBU.Manila@ssa.gov <<
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