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  1. No because it goes against the narrative, better humiliate your own citizens and force them to stop living life, preferably for as long as can be squeezed out of the virus.
  2. Interesting how on Visa amnesty topics, tons of people are saying flying out is the easiest thing in the world and flights are highly reliable. But on topics about getting in it seems like every flight is getting cancelled. Which one is it?
  3. People happily getting all flavours of unknown <deleted> into their body that will linger there forever, all for the fad of the week (year). Let's go!
  4. My thai friend works as a japanese interpreter in a japanese-owned company and has never made more than 30K. University degree in japanese, 3 years of experience. Where does a jap interpreter find 80K/month? Lol. She finds job offers through agencies, maybe that's the problem?
  5. What about that "article 1." above? Isn't that coming from the cabinet?
  6. Do you mean with that same Visa agency with the agent that got busted?
  7. Thankfully I did not. Dodged a bullet big time!
  8. Because I wanted to consider all my options before spitting a considerable chunk of my hard earned money on a visa, lol. And meh, I'm not really worried cause at the end of the day I didn't get any services from them, and If my application itself is denied I won't lose sleep over it.
  9. Welp, I recently sent a picture of my main passport page via email to this "Grace" for an estimation on their volunteer visa service, but never went through with anything. Should I be worried? Hopefully it doesn't affect my Elite application.
  10. Hi, Like some of you I was "offered" a volunteer visa by an agent (can I name them?). I'm on amnesty (visa exemption) with no thai family. I've never used an agent before, how legal / safe / reliable would that be? I don't know if I'm even comfortable leaving my passport in their hands. I'm also in the process of an Elite visa application but I'm afraid it won't be complete in time for 26 of Sept. Any experience or knowledge welcome.
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