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  1. I also used AIS unlimited 1 Mbps @ 200 baht / month for 6 months, but found buffering and slow internet a bit of a problem, so on renewal went for 4 Mbps @ 233 baht / month for 6 months. No issues now. Just now carried out speed test from Cha-Am to BKK -- 30 Mbps download / 25 Mbps upload / Latency 20 ms. But to London 4.6 Mbps / 3.9 Mbps / 204 ms.
  2. Not allowed -- you haven't paid for the lottery ticket. Forgot to mention this costs 2,000 baht + health checks to prove you are still alive + virus checks + insurance + quarantine (no massages). You can trust me as the banker to look after funds, although my daughter always insists on being the banker for Monopoly so maybe she knows better.
  3. I suggest they start a new LOTTERY where we have to guess the number of arrivals under the Special Tourist Visa scheme. Whoever gets closest to the actual number wins a free 2-week trip to . . er . . Australia !! Second prize is a 4-week trip to Australia.
  4. The point is you have to go to an IO every year and pay 1,900 baht to extend the Elite Visa for 1-year. I would he interested in the Elite Visa if they did everything for 5-years without me having to go to an IO (I'm lazy). But I checked with Elite Visa and they made it crystal clear I must extend the visa every year myself by attending the IO. So no advantage to me whatsoever, over extending my Non Imm "O" Visa for 1-year based on retirement. I use the Prority Channel at the airport for the over 70s to zip through Immigration.
  5. It is not a 5-year visa. It is a 1-year visa extendable for 5-years. And you still have to go to an IO every year and pay 1,900 baht for the extension. This on top of the 500,000 baht fee for the Elite Visa.
  6. Yes, I changed from a marriage to a retirement extension some years ago at the time of renewing the visa extension for a further 365-days at CW. In fact, an Immigration officer suggested it to me because I had more than the 800K required in the bank. As the OP says, much less hassle with photos etc with the retirement extension.
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