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  1. No, I won't vaccinate, because my research indicates the common cold is derived from poor nutritional diet, overwork, stress, and seasonal changes. By eating a proper diet, maintaining my ideal body weight, controlling my stress, not overloading on work, I have not had a cold for 10 years. I do not believe in the virus theory of contagion based on researching the topic, and learning what prior doctors believed. Yes, this involved reading books. After years of traveling the world and seeing the health and vitality of the citizenry declining, I researched an
  2. I saw an interesting video today showing vaccinated people from around the world putting magnets on their arm where injected. And the magnet stuck to their arm. These were normal magnets many took from their refrigerator. Then the magnets were put on their other arm and did not stick. I did a google search and magnets stick to metals like iron, steel, nickel and cobalt.
  3. Police have initiated 3 interactions with me in the past week. A Thai policeman has never initiated any contact with me over the course of 4 decades, excluding traffic road blocks. The police were friendly, polite, cordial and did not fine me. My activities were normal routine everyday type things. While ordering takeaway coffee a police car drove up with sirens blazing speaking thai on a megaphone. I didn't understand but locals said you have to go. Luckily coffee had just arrived and been paid for. While walking to the market a policeman
  4. I deep clean my leather furniture annually. Here is the method that works for me, after much experimenting. Deep clean the debris accumulated on your seats using liquid Attack laundry soap/water. Use a soft bristle Scrub brush and sponge. Use Mequiar's liquid leather cleaner spray bottle which eliminates the remainder of the grime. Soften and moisterize leather using meguiar's leather moisterizing cream. You can buy on Lazada.com, Central department store, and probably Big C. Each year I think this is the year to buy new furniture,
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