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  1. Governments are conveniently confused as to who is the master and who is the servant.
  2. Prior to the year 1900, medical textbooks did not contain the word virus. According to these texts, Colds and flu were caused by deficiencies in your diet of potassium and iron (fruits, vegetables, nuts, other). The mineral deficiency caused cell breakdown requiring extraction of mucous and phlegm via fever, cough and runny nose. Hence the cold and flu are not contagious. The city of Boston, Ma conducted tests in 1918 during "Spanish flu outbreak". Studies prooved the flu is not contagious. Mucous and phlegm schwabs were extracted from citizens with the flu and inserted into 100 healthy citizen's nasal passage. Result: 0 out of 100 got the flu. Many other tests conducted with no infection to the healthy test group It appears the parasites greedy for cash and power got control of the curiculum taught at medical schools and "virus theory" was introduced in order to cash in on pharmaceutical tablets. Others disagreeing were labeled as quacks, medical licenses revoked. "Doctors" who are coincidentally the most endoctrinated and well paid members of society are peddling this snake oil, because of learning "virus" theory. I know classmates of mine went on to become doctors. They simply learned from textbook and regurgitated data back. Indoctrination. Good people trusting in the system. I personally have not had the cold and flu for over 10 years after changing my diet to mostly fruits and vegetables, eliminating fast foods and colas, and dropping 50kg. For the hypochondriacs, please snap out of your stupor. The parasites don't care about your health. The parasites care about locking you down, eliminating your rights, and bankrupting your business.
  3. Information designed to mislead you away from the true objective. Propaganda definition. While you have been sidetracked analyzing this daily drivel, your "leaders" have eliminated your rights, to "save" you.
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