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  1. I'm not sure where to purchase industrial gasses or insulin/opiods that you suggest...nor am I qualified to inject them. I will take your suggestion to keep looking for another vet, however.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words and condolences. Yes it is very distressing time for me...she is a soi cat I adopted as a kitten and the only one of her litter who survived. She was in a bad way ( both hind legs crippled) when I got her and nursed her back to health. So she had a lot of strikes against her coming into the world. As she had a lot of soi cat in her, I kept her as an inside/outside cat because she needed to be a bit free for part of the day. Unfortunately, she must have picked up a bite at some point and the FIV virus with it. I'm happy I was able to give her a stable loving hom
  3. Unfortunately I have a cat who has late stage FIV syndrome (feline immuno virus)...she has stopped eating and is having difficulty breathing. In order to minimize her end of life suffering, I would like to put her to sleep. My experience with Thai veterinarians is that most are extremely reluctant to do this (or outright don't provide this service). Does anyone know of a Pattaya vet who will euthanize pets? Thank you in advance for any recommendations.
  4. Passed through Chumpon several times on the way to Samui and Tao...Ranong never.
  5. Surprised Chumphon and Ranong are the top coffee growing regions as neither is particularly know for being mountainous, which I thought was the best terain for coffee cultivation. I've tried many local brands...Aroma, Bon Cafe, Suzuki, and others but am partial to the Duang Dee Hill Tribe brand, which is also the cheapest at 99 baht for 250g. I believe it's from the North and a box lasts me about 3 weeks.
  6. So I tested a few things and the car will shift out of park without the fob present...just gives a visual warning that it isn't detected. However, your suggestion to use the key to lock the door worked a treat. So for security during longer stops, I can just key lock the door and no longer have to be within close eyesight of the vehicle to feel secure. Of course, for quick Seven stops and the like I'll just dash in and out without locking. Just an FYI...I've have the answer to my op now and won't reply to any more posts. Thanks to all who gave useful feedback.
  7. Yes it's been pointed out...max fine is B500. It's also illegal to park without engaging the parking brake (even on a zero grade...B500 fine)...I hope all thread posters are in compliance.
  8. Most likely a badly maintained car...he was lucky it didn't happen while he was speeding down a road or expressway.
  9. Even if the brake pedal is depressed it won't shift out of park without the fob? That would be good to know as it basically answers my op because my Honda is the same.
  10. On days when running multiple errands, that's often the case. However, I try to do the dairy stop last.
  11. It's a well maintained car...I wouldn't be surprised if modern engines also had auto-shutoff features if they start to seriously overhead.
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