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  1. It's really amazing how central Pattaya and the Darkside, while a part if the same urban area are such different places. Being a Darksider, I don't spend as little time as I can in the "city," mainly just coming over occasionally to a favorite resto, doing computer/electronics shopping, or visiting Central Beach Mall. Once or twice a month I'll also come over for a bar crawl. If I never came over to Pattaya City I'd hardly know there was a pandemic about or that Chinese visitors are no longer in town. More or less all business are open on the Darkside. However, it is gloomier by the week in the city. On my last pass through a couple weeks ago, I'd estimate 50-60% of the businesses along the main arterials were closed. On a drive down Second Road tonite, from the base of Pratumnak Hill to North Pattaya Road, at least 70-80% of the businesses are shut down. Central Beach was empty at 7 p.m. How many will re-open when this is all over who can say. Vast swaths of town are closed...how much more can Pattaya take?
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