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  1. Nice deflection...but the proposal regards residential houses/land in Thailand...not farmland in Canada...or Thailand.
  2. Yes, we've learned the virus has a 98-99% survival rate, isn't spread by surfaces, and that masks and physical distancing are the best way to contain it...not knee-jerk lockdowns.
  3. Don't believe there are many "deniers," and these are still numbers any country of 65M would love to have. Sensible precautions yes...panic no.
  4. I was in Thailand right after the crisis and there was implemented a plan for new construction condo sales. If I recall correctly, a condo purchase of 3M or more entitled the buyer to a NON-IMM O visa (renewable). If this plan comes about, people can look at the particulars and see if it's something they're interested in.
  5. What caveat...it would be a published part of the scheme. As with condos currently, if this plan is implemented, land/houses purchased during the period in foreign names will lend up being the "foreign quoto" of land/houses in Thailand. Like condos in foreign names, they will likely retain their foreign ownership status in any sale. Thus, I can see them carrying something of a premium price as there always seem to be some people about who have a bee in their bonnet about owning the houses they live in.
  6. In my 20 plus years here nothing's been reversed...there have certainly been changes like anywhere; some changes, like reducing the "retirement visa" age from 55 to 50 or the proposed changes to allow some land ownership have made it easier to reside in Thailand as a foreigner.
  7. Then such folks need to retire elsewhere, as that's not possible in Thailand (unless they're single and shack-up with a native and die with issue). The plan seems to be aimed at wealthy retirees, who presumably have a lot of other assets they could pass on besides a house in some foreign country.
  8. The stated goal of the changes is to attract retirees (who presumably don't anticipate living more than 50 years...not young people.
  9. This is the government...not your wife or girlfriend. If they make an agreement, they stick with it Can you name any incentive program the government instituted, wherein the special priviledge granted was revoked when it ended, without that being explicitly laid out in the program at the start?
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