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  1. I was banking on this as well, falling in the gaps so to speak on a non-B for employement that expired during the amnesty, and was told to wait by agents, but I don't really think we can count on measures for long term visas either. They have no reason to wait for the last minute to modify rules for long-stay visas, as it does take some time to reach immigration offices, and it's quite a process. For a similar example, Indonesia allowed people with expired KITAS (work/stay permits) as well as tourists to apply for a long stay Social B211 visa in country (60 days, extendable up to 6 months, and now more given the pandemic), which was unprecedented. This was announced in advance, caused a bit of chaos as immigration offices weren't clear on the rules, some people got ripped of by agents, immigration extended their initial application deadline and now everyone's pretty muchsorted. Not sure what to make of the radio silence that we're hearing now regarding people on non-tourist visas that are now on amnesty limbo. Current guess, which is as good as any's, would be that they just want everyone out, might do something for those who's long stay visas haven't expired yet, but later on.
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