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  1. wasn't this addressed yesterday?/ Unless there is a cynical twist 24hrs later...... Deputy government spokesperson Traisuree Taisaranakul said on Tuesday (September 15) that the Cabinet has agreed to allow foreigners to live in Thailand for up to nine months per trip, provided they can prove they have spent 14 days in quarantine. The first visit will allow 90 days of stay, which can then be extended twice totalling nine months. This measure will start from next month, and up to 1,200 tourists per month will be granted this extended visa. Source: Thaivisa.com news The Nation.
  2. Have you gone to school? Basics here. Supply and demand. Prices goes along with supply and with this in mind, its going. To be a buyers market. Hold. On to. Your wallets Boys and girls.
  3. Tanks, Apcs, what's the bloody difference. Having them. Around silences the majority and if the masses gets out of hand, well then the plot. Thickens with bullets spraying for sure.
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