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  1. ...even if I own a condo, am I still required to do the 14-day quarantine in a pre-approved hotel?
  2. ...initially, I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to return to Thailand. But, the lack of Govt officials and PM in the handling of the situation. Their lack of support to the low income earners of it’s own people and only looking to help the rich/“cronies” Their ill will to the Ex-pat community - especially those that have built families and a life in Thailand and continually give them the shaft... I’m finding it hard to want to schedule a vacation in 2021 to Thailand and help Thailand rebound economically. The higher ups/ones in powerful positions and decision making positions “lack of any sort of structured plan in place” makes me consider another place to take my vacations....maybe somewhere that appreciates tourists/spenders vs Thailand that seems to just tolerate us ???...and feels that they’re doing us a favor by letting us visit & spend our hard earn money
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