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  1. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/thailand-and-singapore-added-to-travel-corridor-exempt-list-for-england
  2. Many people have asked us when Thailand will go onto the 'green list' of countries whose travellers are exempt from quarantine on arrival in the UK. We've not been able to give an answer to that until now. Thailand will go on to the travel corridor list for England tomorrow, Saturday 19th September. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/thailand-and-singapore-added-to-travel-corridor-exempt-list-for-england
  3. Hello Lungbing, We have published Information relating to death in Thailand on GOV.UK with a flowchart on how to report death to local authorities and when to notify the Embassy on page 15. And yes, we do have Thai speakers in Consular team to give advice in Thai. If there is an emergency, we can be contacted at 02 305 8333. Hope this information is helpful.
  4. Good question. Let me see if I can get the latest figures.
  5. I’m sorry you received a standard response. It wasn’t a deliberate misreading of your message but I can appreciate it wasn’t what you needed. To answer your question, no, we wouldn’t issue a certificate regarding income. We understand your point about the documents being authenticated in some form elsewhere but this service has stopped and there are other ways to meet the Thai visa requirements, so we would not be able to help.
  6. Fair point that we do often use standard information in our responses - it meets many needs but not all, so apologies when that is the case.
  7. Let's start with a couple of Prevention visits the team made up country: Phuket: Last week, Consul Paul Kaye and the Prevention team travelled to Phuket to pay a courtesy call on the new Governor and meet leads in the Provincial Police, Tourist Assistance Centre, Phuket Immigration, and Vachira Hospital. Amongst other things they discussed visa extensions, support for British Nationals stuck on boats in the area and the plans to reopen Phuket to tourists. Paul and the team also met members of the British business community to hear about their experiences of the crisis so far and the challenges ahead. Prachuab Kirikhan: This week, representatives from the Consular team joined Tourist Assistance Centre colleagues from across Thailand in Cha-Am to talk about support and advice for foreign tourists and residents who have mental health issues. They shared experiences with TAC and the Galaya Institute and ran a workshop on support for those who need help and also on how officers managing cases with a mental health element can protect their own well-being. While some of the team were working outside the office, in Bangkok we also provided help for 33 British nationals in emergency situations and 61 documentary services. We conducted a prison visit and an emergency deployment. We’ve also been extremely busy issuing letters to support visa extension applications for people who cannot travel back to their countries of residence because the borders are closed, or the FCDO advises against all but essential travel.
  8. It's already a month since the Consular team joined Thai Visa Forum. Let's close August with another update from the Consular team. First two new services: - The Embassy can now provide you a with a letter to support your application for a visa extension if the borders of your country of residence are closed or the FCO advises against travel to that country. More information can be found on this page https://www.gov.uk/guidance/notarial-and-documentary-services-guide-for-thailand. - More good news is that for a British national getting married in Thailand, you can now apply for an affirmation of marriage online. It is now live on Gov.uk. Check out this link: https://www.gov.uk/marriage-abroad/y/thailand/opposite_sex In the office last week, the team provided consular support to 19 British nationals and 25 documentary services. Repatriations are still ongoing, with lots of great support. We had a lovely letter of thanks this week from one very grateful mum for getting her son home.
  9. Currently, to enter the UK you must provide your journey and contact details via a webform. There are no restrictions on how you travel from the airport to your home. The rules to enter UK can change on a regular basis. You can keep up to date with the most recent guidance on our website https://www.gov.uk/uk-border-control
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