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  1. Yesterday evening just after 5 o'clock there was a burst in the main water pipe in the middle of the junction and huge amounts of water were trying to find their way out to the surface. The were policemen and even an ambulance on the site of the problem.
  2. I understand that the height is not the only problem. It seems there are also (amongst others) issues with land encroaching, elevators and emergency escapes. Furthermore if it will be partially demolished the owners who see their apartments removed would want compensation. It can only be altered after approval. That means that the person who signs for this admits that initially something went wrong. Also who is going to pay for this all ? Will be an interesting (and longwinding) story....
  3. Looks like it will be bounced back by the coastline of Vietnam. Would that be possible ?
  4. Thanks, please keep us informed....
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