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  1. I thank everyone for their replies. Unfortunately we will have to cancel our return back to Thailand. Devastated doesn't even cover how we feel. However, the anxiety of travelling with our children with the possibilities of something going wrong would make us very irresponsible parents. We could catch covid, be asymptomatic, but still have weeks long in a hospital. This is asbolutely the correct procedure, however, it would be a nightmare scenario to place our children into. We have no relatives or close friends that are currently in Thailand (most have left). I will be emailing the school i planned teaching at, and the school my children have studied in for the past few years that we will not be returning. Beyond devastated. All that planning, visas, hotel bookings, stress of booking repatriation flights, Certificate of Entry, insurances. We had even began packing making all arragements. Happily sat watching youtube videos about how great life in Thailand would be! We simply got carried away with returning to Thailand, to anticipate this scenario. It was only after reading on these forums that the scenario even hit my head. I guess my motivation to post on here was to get some replies telling 'it will be okay, nothing will happen'. But the reality is thread bare. BEYOND DEVASTATED.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I emailed two hospitals, including the one afiliated to my hotel. One of them simply copy and pasted something about coming for treatment, and all the visa rules, and costs to quarantine in that hospital. Quite clearly they didn't have a clue what i was asking. The second suggested i think positive, and to have vitamin C tablets !!! <deleted> Once again not addressing the concerns of being seperated from my children if something awful did happen like getting Covid.
  3. Travelling with my wife and kids. What's the protocols for families with small children if something unimaginable happens and you come down with Covid, and have to go to hospital? My school assures me i would never be seperated from my children, but this was just in passing commments from the head. Is there actual literature or guidelines what the protocol is for families?
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