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  1. Although some don't, if a party to a joint account dies the other party, by law, has to advise the bank. They can then make whatever arrangements are necessary to get access to the funds.
  2. "...irritated by the inability to make a simple transfer from my account..." ...from "our account", not "my account". At least you can rest assured that no one can transfer "your" funds out without your permission. "Staggered by the level of unprofessionalism..." Wow, some people are easily staggered.
  3. "...the elephant’s head and tail were missing..." Judging from the OP photo, that elephant must have had two tails before it died.
  4. Some posters seem to think that the cost of foreigners' quarantine facilities (authorised hotels) goes to the government and must, therefore, think that the hotels provide free accommodation and 3 meals a day for two weeks out of the goodness of their hearts.
  5. Who benefits from foreigners' quarantine facility money?
  6. You think that the money paid for foreigners' quarantine to authorised hotels goes to the Government? It goes to the hotels and they get a payment from the government. State quarantine is not charged for citizens.
  7. Diplomats have to quarantine also, the difference is that their quarantine can be arranged by their government reps here, subject to it meeting Thailand's requirements.
  8. "Why no home quarantine in TH?" Covid-19 deaths in Germany, 9,452. Covid-19 deaths in Thailand, 58.
  9. Still wild speculation, based on figures plucked out of the air!
  10. Hi Tea

    Import Duty

    Packages containing vitamins and supplements are likely to be opened as those items need to be approved by Thailand's FDA. If the items are being shipped using FedEx, UPS or DHL (and probably others) the courier company will automatically charge any import duty/VAT, in addition to their own disbursement fee of a couple of hundred baht, as they are contracted to collect duty for the Customs Dept. Any duty, tax, or fee will be listed on their shipping advice to you (if it gets through Customs). The value of the items will be assessed by Customs. A normal postal package is less likely to be intercepted.
  11. I never said he was. You did post this, "It seems the biggest pandemic in Thailand isn't any virus, it's corruption, starting right at the very top", on a thread about corruption in the rubber gloves case. That sure looks like you were suggesting that the Pol Col referred to in the OP (who has been shunted from his position for authorising a deal that he was not in a position to sign) was near "the very top".
  12. OP, tread carefully when taking financial advice from anyone who does not know what they are talking about.
  13. "...do not expect to see the whole of your 3500 pounds a year wisely invested". That is irrelevant. He wants life insurance, not life assurance; there is no investment element in a life insurance policy that will affect the value of the pay out to the beneficiary. The benefit is set at the start of the policy. On the face of it 3500 pounds a year Life Insurance for 20 years doesn't look too bad. But what's the catch? What "catch" are you warning him to beware of? For life insurance an established insurer providing a specified benefit for a fixed premium is all that the OP needs to consider.
  14. "I wouldn't trust a Thai insurance policy for 1 second" - Nero Dog Why on earth would you think that an established Thai insurance company would not pay a valid death benefit claim? Just because Nero Dog said so and because it's a Thai company? "...a quote for 300,000 British pounds over 20 years and the cheapest has been 3,500 pounds..." How come a Thai insurer is quoting benefits and premiums in GBPs?
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