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  1. 11 minutes ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

    Of course if you really want to “ get into it “ start a thread about :

    ” thinking about buying a Chevrolet or MG “

    ” thinking about using an agent “

    ” do masks really work “

    ” should I pay sinsod ? “


    Or if you are at expert level

    ” do you believe in god ? “

    All joking apart TVF is still a good source of information for all things Thai and has some great well informed posters on here going above and beyond .


    Just don’t mention politics or religion 😀

    Agree, I have recommended some youngsters from work to the forum for info on Traveling in Thailand, but I told them not to mention that they will be backpacking  😀 They did ask why though haha

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Crossy said:

    Soibiker hasn't logged in since July 2018, Ubon Joe the "visa genius" is still highly active.


    @ECLV your old username is probably still active and we should be able to resurrect it if you mail support[at]thaivisa.com.


    Thanks Crossy, great to see your still here, this is nostalgic for me tbh, Yep that's him, Ubon Joe a great asset to the community like yourself may i add. Thanks for the reply and advise.

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  3. I have a acer that was bought in MBK about 7 years ago that i still use as a Desktop replacement meaning i plug a screen and keyboard into it, I would recommend acer, but when i went to buy with my Thai GF the sales guy in MBK recommended we wait a few day as they were getting in a better model in a few days, so best to shop around be friendly and ask if any new stock worth waiting on is on it way.

  4. Okay this may be a test 🙂 I am ready for it.


    I have left Thailand about 5 years ago or more and when I used to be an active member Digital Nomads were the lowest of the low, Member SoiBiker used to get a lot of abuse 🙂 is he still here. There used to a Visa genius of a moderator on the Forum from up north Thailand sorry forget his name. Experienced members gave English Teachers a hard time especially the illegal people. Other than that has the Forum or Thailand changed since the stricter regulation on Visa came in that drove many home or to neighboring countries? 

  5. I am also asking the same question but I am younger and not near retirement yet, If i could earn the same money as I do in my home country I would move back, Europe is a good healthy place to live but I am a bit bored (Work) now been back 5 years, but I may get frustrated with Thai services at the start like Internet, banking & being a Farang again, tbh cant beat being a citizen.   


    You will be retired, i would recommend traveling around S.E.A, I bet something will happen and you will find your answer 🙂

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