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  1. If anyone is fed up with a little Thai dinosaur in his house, this might be a contemporary way to find a more modern replacement: https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3zanm/how-thailands-protest-movement-influences-dating
  2. How about letting the protesters succeed in sending the generals back to the barracks and in old age homes for senile pensioners, and in bringing back real happiness to both Thais and foreigners, and you will be very surprised about the positive effect on tourism, Anutin!
  3. Thailand has been a feudalistic country for centuries, led by a handful of powerful families. And this "elite" of the country has been indoctrinating the people ever since with exactly this xenophobia and with the narrative that Thais are superior human beings. It's part and always has been part of the education of Thais. The reasons why the elite has been cultivating this mindset are quite easy to understand: In this narrative, which became a fundamental part of the Thai culture, it is always the dirty foreigners who pose difficulties to the Thai nation, while the Thai
  4. Wow! They wait till next week, then test merely 9000 people, and they dare to call that "aggressive testing". This says something about Thailands approach towards Covid.
  5. Absolutely! There are numerous hints that the virus had not disappeared from the country months ago, as claimed by the powers-that-be, but on the other side also that Thailand is not very vulnerable to the virus, leading to the low number of deaths and severe cases here. There are many climatic, social, cultural and maybe even genetic reasons (see the study published in Nature two weeks ago) why Thailand will continue to stay quite safe, but the paranoid reactions of the government have little to do with that. This all has been discussed in numerous other
  6. An this is exactly what is happening now not only in Thailand, but in many countries in Southeast Asia, and how China does take over control in these countries, and increases its power on the world stage in order to become the number 1.
  7. Possibly your are unable or unwilling to differentiate between science (with its control and correction mechanisms to ensure quality), and individual scientists who are humans and who can have biased personal political views. Independently what Yong might have contributed to science in his papers (and in which the scientific community of course does not accept racism), now he is obvisouly biased and contributes a biased, rascist and xenophobic input to the discussion about Covid in Thailand. I do not expect that everyone is able to see this. You obvisouly are not able. And, I see y
  8. Thisrupt, Prachatai English and Khaosod are reporting as well. Khaosod also reported on the blocking of change.org by the government.
  9. Understand your point and agree that this is one aspect which plays a role for a part of the people with Chinese roots in South-East Asia. But, there are also people in this group who prefer to align more with Western countries rather than with the PRC with its CCP. The best examples are the people from Hongkong and Taiwan. Good possible that this old guy Yong belongs to the first group, though. The main driving force behind what is going on in South-East Asia, and not only there - is that Chinas government supports and buys corrupt governments in the region with big br
  10. Richard Barrow just now reported about protests from Pattaya Beach. Hundreds of protesters there.
  11. Unfortunalely yes! He is part of the governments propaganda machinery, and his duty is to create and to enhance hysteria and panic about Covid, and the related xenophobia. This works quite well, as you can see from the paranoid reactions of many Thais whenever new cases occur. There are hardly sensible sources of information available in Thailand about Covid, and mainly he and his side kick Thira get the podium to publish their biased views to the people.
  12. Can't remember any BTS station was closed 2013/14 when Sutheps mob terrorized the city over months. I remember how I could use BTS Sala Daeng when they blocked Silom road for weeks. Double standards, as usual.
  13. Chinese loans to buy submarines, Chinese loans to build high-speed train lines, Chinese loans to build a new government house, soon Chinese loans to build a bridge over the gulf of Thailand, and maybe one day eventually Chinese loans to build the Kra channel. "More Chinese loans please! Pleeeeeeze!! And, don't forget to supply some more nice swiss watches together with the contracts", shout the generals to their Chinese friends. Can you hear the generals sing, Xi? But now, no Chinese loans to help the tourism businesses....? Not in Phuket, not in Samui, not in Pattaya?
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