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  1. Does the Bangkok Bank show these transfers as foreign? I think that's needed for immigration? I currently us KBank with Transferwise and they are displayed as local bank transfers. Is my only option to open a Bangkok Bank account?
  2. Click on the link, follow the get Skin link and it takes you to the rapidgator share files for CurrencyMarkets_1.0.zip and downloaded using free option?? Unzip the skin and load into Rainmeter. Maybe there are other sites offering this skin as well, I haven't looked. Its all open source so free to share.
  3. I have little need to desktop displays of Forex, but it you must I just tried this link ( DeviantArt link below) and it works straight out the box if you install latest Rainmeter first. It gets the rates from ino dot com.
  4. America is a basket case. Yes the next four years will be more sensible in the global arena than the last, but come the next election who knows? They hate each other so why should they care about anyone else?
  5. We? What is so hard to understand about post#01 by the o/p >I am with a retirement visa “O” He's not going to get a wp with that.
  6. I used a code for an exisiting AIS SIM, 1 Mbps x 365 days for 1,800 THB. There are codes for 90/180/365 days for all providers at varying speeds 1/4/6/10. Very impressed with AIS no limit unlimited SIMs. Using a 4G phone I am getting unlimited Speedtest values of 70mbps at off peak times. I was expecting no more than 10mbps at all times. Great for watching live sports on the weekends.
  7. That's what everyone else does. Car brand GPS's are a rip off.
  8. Good to see a fellow Scotsman casting off the traditional traits of being tight with the spondoolies as we are sometimes blighted with. Your round?
  9. Some people don't like getting ripped off (that's why they got lots of dough as you put it). Even if 800kTHB dough is peanuts to them, they don't like seeing it tied up earning a pittance in a Thai bank when it could be used to much more profitable use elsewhere with profits of which more than offsets the cost of an agent.
  10. I never said it was only for me. I'm not even using it, it's for a family member. Have you never shopped online? I literally do it all the time as I don't have to waste time on the road and I get more time to answer this nonsense.
  11. Thanks for feedback. I bought a 300THB/10mbps/m SIM card from https://shopee.co.th/product/16717926/5242013922 First time purchase for me. When it arrived (next day Korat - Bangkok) it says to call their shop number to activate. I called and just gave the SIM # and they called back 10 minutes later saying it was active. No ID or any other details asked for so very simple. Maybe they use the ID details from the online purchase? The card comes with 5MB of free data that lasts a week from activation so you can make calls and access internet and then one can select the 30
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