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  1. It’s sad the word “Legend” has been devalued from pulling a sword from a stone to unexpectedly returning with crisps.
  2. My next door neighbor told me that every morning when he measures his allotment, it is a couple of inches smaller than the day before. I think he's slowly losing the plot...
  3. A Yorkshire man’s wife dies and he decided to have inscribed on her headstone "She were thine" - but they made a mistake and wrote "She were thin". "You've missed out the "e" ya' daft beggers!". "No worries we'll fix it". Later the headstone read….. "E, she were thin"
  4. My Dad always said he had the memory of an elephant. He said one time he went to the zoo and saw an elephant.
  5. Same for me. Tried to buy something today, cannot get passed my log in and do a search. What a joke this Lazada site is. They don't even have support besides a chat line which I have no time for. Went to Shopee and straight through, searching was easy, even payment was easy synced with my banking app so no need to enter any ref numbers. Bye bye Lazada.
  6. Back in the day I could walk into a store with $30 in my pocket, and walk out with 6 lovely marbled steaks, 2 roasting chickens, a case of beer, 5 bottles of wine, 2 loaves of sourdough bread and a gallon of milk. You can't do that today - too many cameras!
  7. Uncle Derek was found dead with a belt around his neck and a <deleted> shoved up him. At his funeral the vicar said that he’d always be remembered for his charity work. Wronggg!!
  8. So, I took this Liverpool girl out to a vegetarian restaurant I said, “Do you like avocado?” She said, “No, I aven’t even passed me driving test yet”
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