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  1. This is the STOIC trial, peer reviewed and published in the Lancet last week. thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2 A small study financed by AstraZeneca, using Pulmicort Turbuhaler from AstraZeneca, not randomized double-blinded. The results are fantastic. Another recent study from Oxford, the PRINCIPLE trial, still has some good results, but by far not as fantastic. Maybe because in the second study they started medication later? Or because the participants were older? economist.com/science-and-technology/2021/04/12/
  2. It used to be that these tests were available in clinics, but not for sale to the general public. I don't think this has changed
  3. Cabbages and Condoms does give the patient some weak painkillers. You can buy some Ultracet before the procedure, available in many pharmacies. That should be enough.
  4. Yep. It's like with HIV: Thais use a condom with prostitutes, but not with someone they love. It's a sign of trust and love to do it without a condom. So with covid: auntie rides a bicycle to visit her friend. On the bicycle she wears a mask. When she is chatting with her friend, the mask is off. Alcohol is non-existent in the village. Hand washing is not Thai culture anyway.
  5. Nothing decided yet. Bureaucrats don't move that fast, in no country in the world.
  6. Thanks. 90 days reports have moved to counter B ? That one used to be for TM30. Can you confirm this?
  7. Employee from GPO: "end of this year" Asked why everywhere it's written June: "it makes people happy"
  8. The target market was just dscribed in three post before yours: Chinese
  9. No, they mean end of the year. Nobody should be faster than Bioscience.
  10. Thailands new explosive has now made it into the international media. NYT and a lot of European media are reporting. CM is quoted as a hotspot, supposedly has run out of hospital beds, even run out puff field hospital beds.
  11. My word after "now" was "sometimes". It's really only some times, but it wasn't only once. And it is such an obvious humiliating behavior that it was impossible to overlook
  12. Hi-so who can afford the membership in Krystal brothel won't be held up by lowly police.
  13. You should have read my post. I wrote "now". It didn't happen before (and I have ridden the BTS quite a bit more than just 6 years).
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