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  1. I was married to my first wife for 7 weeks. Not seen her since so I never really got to find out.
  2. I think you didn't like the answer. BTW The Vietnamese geurillas won. Result.
  3. My father had cancer and was in hospital 20 miles away. I got a phone call from my uncle to say that he was on his last legs and to get to the hospital quickly. I put the phone down, made myself a bacon sandwich and a brew, watched a bit of TV and went for a leasurely shower. Finally got to the hospital 2 1/2 hours later, only to find that he'd just died. Result. No regrets.
  4. Yes I had one, superb. Still got asked if I wanted ham in it though. 555
  5. Singapore was no problem. I was having a meal in Chinatown when a local girl sat next to me and offered to go to my hotel for 5 SGD. Couldn't believe it. Obviously I did the gentlemanly thing and offered her a bed for the night.
  6. Nothing is down to Boris, he's just Dominic Cummings puppet. You know, the guy who thought he didn't need to abide by his own rules.
  7. And was it full of women? I found Malaysia the hardest country I've been to to get my leg over.
  8. Probably the motive for 9/11. Blame it on South Park.
  9. Californians are too cool, sub zero. My theory on mainland Chinese is that its all down to the one child policy. Only children lack empathy and can be very self centred. I know, I am one. 555
  10. Its down to corporate consciousness. They feed off each other.
  11. In the UK we've found that most are either groomed on line or by the radical clerics in the Mosques. Young people are particularly susceptible to both.
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