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  1. The THB GBP levels have reached levels that we haven't seen for a few years. 44+ today.
  2. Not so in the UK. Testing more than 1 million daily and new cases still falling.
  3. No evidence of substantive over reporting anywhere in the world.
  4. Good for you. I always have a great time in Pattaya. Never been attacked by a ladyboy, some people just attract them.
  5. My daughter works in A&E in Blackpool. On an average Friday night she sees drug overdoses, stabbings, gang fights inside A&E and several serious assaults. Probably more than the whole of Thailand on an average Friday night.
  6. I have lived in one of those so called red zones for several years. Your description of such places is an anathema to me. Visited all of the places you mentioned as a tourist before moving here. If my experiences had been an nth of what you describe, I'd never have moved here. Try a Friday night in Blackpool.
  7. The difference between the 2 countries being that although all countries under report, for a variety of reasons, the under reporting in Thailand is much greater than in the UK. Far better to look at trends. Cases rising in Thailand (record highs), falling in the UK (lowest figures this year). Texas? Still in the grip of Trump mania, I fear there's no hope for them.
  8. 5-6 times stronger than the Kent variant? No evidence of that.
  9. No instructions whatsoever at Manchester Airport. No interest in chasing up my test provider. Quarantine over, end of,
  10. I booked with 001Doc.co a month before I was due to fly. £180. Arrived home on the Friday to find no tests. Phoned them on Saturday to be told that the tests would be delivered on Monday. When I pointed out that my test was due on the Sunday I was told that "Many of our customers have posted their tests late, without any comebacks". This was exemplified when I did my day 8 test last Saturday but missed the last post, meaning the sample wouldn't be collected until the following Tuesday, the day my quarantine ended. I still haven't been contacted by anyone and have no idea of the results of eith
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