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  1. Video from an unknown source and doesn't contain any real facts. Any mention of Bill Gates puts you straight into the upper echelon of conspiracy theorists, right up there with Qanon. Every single conspiracy theory surrounding Gates has been thoroughly debunked.
  2. So who promoted injecting Dettol? Trump. Who promoted sleeping with a UV tube up your backside? Trump. Who promoted Hydroxychloroquine to reduce transmission? Trump. Man's a stable genius, biggest brain since Abraham Lincoln. How very dare the US reduce him to a one term loser?
  3. Correct, which is why Fauci and others are still insisting that it may not provide immunity. probably not wanting to contradict himself, God knows he's already done enough of that. However its almost certain to be validated once it is peer reviewed.
  4. Not as bad as the US but still a problem. Before every premier League football match all players and officials take the knee. Mind you our leaders don't call them traitors for doing that.
  5. Err excuse me, was there not a bit of a brew ha in the US recently over the taking down of Robert E Lee statues?
  6. Because the court case is current. Besides its a fun thread that allows the alt right racists vent their spleens.
  7. If she were white British she would be allowed back. Highly likely to face a long jail sentence if she does come back. It should never have been allowed to go to a British court. Should have been resolved in Syria. Its been done before with considerable success. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabra_and_Shatila_massacre Ring the camp with allied troups and send in the local militia guards on the promise of a few AR15s. Sorted. Rinse and repeat with the camps containing the male ISIS fighters.
  8. In the malls in Pattaya the only people I see not wearing masks are the occasional fat old shavey headed farang wearing a wifebeater vest.
  9. Ibrahimavic returns but will Dalot?. A tough gig. Would have preferred the away leg first.
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