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  1. Thought Thailand was COVID free??? Why wear mask if you are in thailand? Just throwing this back at you. Your put down on other governments’ action has nothing to do with farang or thai in covid free Thailand. Soooooooo much thought not put in your statements
  2. Many in the USA follow guidelines and are negative. What is mad is that blanket statement. Test test quarantine test. If all those layers still produce a negative result but a postive cash flow effect. Anyone should be allowed willing to pay. Until the vaccine arrives.
  3. No doubt the lorries stopping everywhere plus the numerous baht pickups had nothing to do with traffic . Plus all the road construction. The mango push cart on Soi baukhao devasted traffic flow
  4. Most international destinations require the covid test /certification. Maybe a covid passport will include a vaccine at some point
  5. You had me at that “fact” that vaccines dont appear to stop transmission.....fact is the vaccine stops the virus by various coding to invade and populate in our bodies. Transmission will slow down as fewer host bodies exist. Vaccines will be rolling out next month.
  6. But there is no COVID in Thailand...no tourists too. Their money trickles down to businesses that hire . Im amazing Thailand...the government downplays the obvious. It needs tourists’ money
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