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  1. So because they don't want you and your ilk they are 'sad and pitiful'?..Get over yourself. You and your money are not important to many Thais. A great independent and sensible viewpoint. Good on them.
  2. I feel safer here and better protected than the USA, UK or Australia. If you don't then go home.
  3. Don't try to be rational with racist Thai haters and Thai bashers. They are in denial
  4. Within the last 24 hours? Why do you hate Thailand?
  5. Within the last 24 hours? You talk nonsense because you want bad news for Thailand.
  6. Hey be careful. The truth hurts the Thailand bashers and hate nerds. Just be thankful we will never see them again here. 555
  7. You have obviously never been in jail LOL. Have you ever been to Thailand? LOL Guess you will never come here! LOL 555
  8. Do you speak read and write Thai? If not you are a liability.
  9. If you swear at customs officials 'quite literally ' then you deserve all the problems you get. Try doing that in the UK or USA. You would be arrested.
  10. I would havevto dragged kicking and screaming back to that dump. It went to the dogs after 83. Just a joyless, uncreative, mean minded PC §hìț hole where many cities over run. I will go back to sell all my assets when I know I can return here easily. But good to know. Thanks for the info.
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