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  1. How did the other foreigner get in? Not allowed where I live.. There's always a few bored motosai tough ready to help theirb7/11 friends..
  2. So why are the prisons full to capacity with hundreds of thousands incarcerated?
  3. Production is expedentially increasing and will continue to do so.
  4. Yes. The population of Bangkok should fly to the Oxford lab and grab a dose at cost price
  5. Why demolish a thriving entertainment area? Don't you think covid has done enough damage already. One bar out of 50 was raided. Why demolish the whole area? You have only heard of it. But it's a real place with real people and real jobs and real human contact. I hope they all get off with a small fine and a slap.on the wrist.
  6. And FB is a dreadful format full of extraneous <deleted>, threads adverts etc. I begrudgingly have an FB account but use it rarely.
  7. My 106 sq metre condo on Cozy Beach was 15 k with gym, pool and good management. As for needing a domestic slave, ie maid,..this is 2021 not 1821. People who spend lavishly can afford to lose money.
  8. Not everybody has the same needs true. But the same people who need a 130 thousand baht a month condo and can afford to pay it can probably afford to lose one month's deposit...
  9. Ask them at the pawn shop.
  10. For the OP. Swampy is a nickname used by 3 or 4 people. It refers to a time, about 15 years ago, when people wished the airport to fail and envisaged it being invaded by snakes from nearby swamps. The airport, like so many successful construction projects, was completed under the guidance of the democratically elected leader Taksin thus another reason to mock it for people who support the military regime. BUT.. There is a VIP bus running regularly from the International Airport to Pattaya/ Jomtien and it terminates near the junction of Thapraya Rd and Threpasit Rd...a convenient place for your
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