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  1. I have the one on the left (there's no English text on mine which is also why I couldn't use it to fly)... So, do I have the wrong type of card or is this the only style issued to foreigners who are not registered migrant workers? Also, on your point, what's interesting is that also on the back of my driving licence it says it's not valid outside of the province. So it's a little pointless because if I'm likely to drive, it would be to hire a car from Bangkok to go to another province but I can't do that because my licence is linked to my pink ID. I'd have to hire a car with my int
  2. Hello, I've been renting long term in Bangkok and I was able to get the landlord to add me onto the yellow house book (I'm the only one in it)... Once I was on the yellow house book, I got my pink ID. The question I have is, if I move to another property, will my pink ID become void? I know that it will be almost impossible to get onto another yellow house book easily. It's unclear if the yellow house book and pink ID are explicitly linked / come as a pair? I was rather hoping that the ID number is now with me "for life" but it will still display my old addr
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