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  1. Because all the banned and suspended members may one day come across a stash of bazookas, grenades, and machine guns.
  2. Interesting. I had no idea that actually helping British nationals was on your radar.
  3. Thailand has relatively low taxes and the ability to skip tax on money that you have held abroad for at least a year is terrific for folks generating income outside Thailand. Most countries (with the United States being a notable exception) allow you to cease paying taxes once you no longer live there, but you may need at some point to show that you are actually registered for tax elsewhere. Banks may also require that the holders of non-resident accounts provide their tax number from the country where they are resident. As far as I know, claiming Thailand as your tax residence does not
  4. The Thai private hospitals are hoping that the fat profits they will make adminstering these effectively mandatory vaccines will help make up some of the losses they experienced during the halt in medical tourism. They will have made their wishes clear to the government ministers responsible for creating these rules. Mercedes clear. Expect many such new expenses as life starts pumping into the system once again.
  5. I would be interested to hear opinions that folks here might have on whether it makes sense to register for taxes in Thailand but set up your company somewhere with favorable tax rules, such as Wyoming, pay yourself a salary into a non-resident bank account also outside Thailand, and only send money to Thailand after a year, making it ineligible for Thai taxes. My presumption is that this is what most people conducting business or working for clients outside Thailand are doing.
  6. ... particularly in Vietnam, where she was a great comfort to the hard-working soldiers of the NVA.
  7. I have literally no idea what you are trying to achieve but, if you don't mind, could we bring this spat to a close? It is a shocking waste of both your time and mine.
  8. I should not be expected to cater to extreme deficiencies in comprehension. If you already know that you have difficultly in understanding things or discerning humor, perhaps be more hesitant before dueling with other members. There was nothing to stop you searching for the definition of the word "abuse" online, it takes literally five seconds. Deciding, instead, to get into misguided battles with other members actually is an abuse of the forum.
  9. Sweet Jesus. I actually am the person who sarcastically wrote that elite members were abusing the system. Unlike everyone else, you still haven't figured out that it was a joke, and you now apparently think I am someone else. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how certain members ever managed to master the art of breathing and typing at the same time.
  10. Just to be clear, turning this into squabble and derailing the topic is both against forum rules and deeply boring for other members. You made a mistake, I called you out, you decided to double down, I asked you to stop bothering me. Seriously, go away. Dozens of other threads await your poor judgement and sensitive ego.
  11. It amazes me that at this point, when proof of vaccination is not yet required for air travel, passengers are not issued with high-grade masks (rather than whatever nonsense they happen to bring themselves) and goggles. If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that a substantial minority of people lack the abilty to process the simple concepts necessary to protect themselves and others.
  12. In terms of their own population, starting in February should allow them to innoculate their most vulnerable (however they choose to delineate that) by May. Resident foreigners will be expected to pay to get the vaccine privately and to present proof before receiving their next extension. By the time they introduce the rule, availability won't be a problem if you have the money. For foreigners arriving by air, the airlines will already require passengers to present proof of innoculation. By around April the government schemes in the West will have extended beyond specific age groups and,
  13. That all countries dependent on tourism will be open up as soon as is politically feasible has nothing to do with TAT. As I said, many in this forum have a strong desire to see Thailand punished, but reality doesn't care about the chip on your shoulder. By the end of January, over 80 million doses will have been injected into arms in 57 countries. By the end of February, it will be 250 million doses. With more vaccines coming on stream and the manufacturing capacity for the existing vaccines being increased, it is quite likely that, by the summer, 1 billion doses will have been delivered
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