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  1. Actually I don't but I do live there and admit to being somewhat isolated from the western propaganda. I don't miss it.
  2. Before you all are Raptured, please forward ant unused funds to my Paypal: #ABC12345. Thank you for believing and please enjoy the afterlife.
  3. On the blood, try and make a deal with the Red Cross. They desperately need O- blood so promise to donate every month. No harm in asking.
  4. I will take whatever certified vaccine becomes available. Keep in mind that a significant share of Western drugs are manufactured in China, India, Malaysia, Thailand..... They must know something.
  5. Well in fairness the 400k is for a family pool villa. The cheap hotel in Phuket is 110k each and the other two are 220k. I think the 1200 will sell out quickly but to long term residents that will not really add additional money. They still need a lot more rooms.
  6. Nothing is filtering anywhere in Phuket without more ASQ rooms. Not enough of them and stupid expensive.
  7. Happy to be a consolation prize for the ones that do not make it.
  8. Or ten A320's from China, Vietnam, Korea. It is still nothing, I have been in longer lines at Swampy.
  9. It could be more if there were more ASQ hotels. For some reason it is hard to get approved, particularly in Phuket. It should not be that hard, particularly in hotels with open air stairs.
  10. In Phuket it is 110,000 to 220,000 per person. The special service costs have always been high there though.
  11. Two tests for 4000, twenty four meals for 3000, 3 cleanings for 500. Oops, forgot the 10,000 for the taxi from the airport. 150k all in sounds about right. Readily available in BKK for 50k. How many little hotels in Phuket have exterior access? They would be perfect for this. With the right hotels you could easily do this for 30k and they would be happy for the money.
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