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  1. It would be interesting to know the details. If it were my company, I would say: Everyone needs to be vaccinated by a certain date. The company has made arrangements for everyone to get the Sinovac on Wednesday, however, if you prefer, you are free to take vacation or unpaid leave to get a different brand. Those who have not been vaccinated or provided a medically based exemption will risk termination. Personal and religious exemptions are not acceptable.
  2. The overall servey is prretty evenly split between mandates as a whole or no mandates. I doubt the foreigners are going to have a choice but we will see. Perhaps a better survey would be: Do you intend to get vaccinated? If yes, will you accept the initial brand offering? If no, do you think you should be allowed to remain in Thailand? Travel on international flights? This will get more useful information. The vaccines will be released very shortly, leaning heavily to the AZ. I for one will take whatever is on offer today. Later I may
  3. THANK YOU!!!!!! Well thought out and well written. The mother of my best friend in middle school walked with leg braces her entire life. She was one of the lucky ones that lived after long spells in an iron lung. We ate a piece of sugar and never had to worry about it. The anti-vax, science deniers are a real threat to the general health of their communities.
  4. Any 12v 40a or higher battery should do it. The biggest question is the dimensions. 2000 sounds pretty high to me. 1500 should be plenty.
  5. On a non-resident visa. That means you are free to leave at any time, including after you fail to produce vaccination documents for your extension. No rights violated, no problem.
  6. No reason to think this is true but that is an issue for the Thais. There are no rights being violated for falangs because we have no inherrent right to a visa. End of story, deal with it or go elsewhere.
  7. The Sinovac was developed the traditional way using attenuated viraii. It is the new MRNA vaccines that are new and experimental. These would include the Pfizer and Moderna. The J&J was developed the same way as the Sinovac.
  8. It is your choice, get vaccinated or leave. Very easy. I hope the governor in Chiang Rai does the same thing. I have been trying to register for a while.
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