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  1. My story. 22 and in the Gili islands off the coast of Lombok. Met a swedish girl..I was travelling overland to Timor and she was going to Bali. Spent a few days together. As we parted she gave me a name of a girl in Australia who could go into past lives. This girl was the girlfriend of a lead singer in an Australian band that had some hits of a spiritual nature. I saw her, she was pretty, and she took me into the back room and said I should lie down and think I am on a river floating and let my mind go. She talked about stuff and pictures did come into my mind of a person from hundred
  2. I think this sort of post is where the debate about god can get interesting. There is no doubt lack of certainty about the mind and consciousness and how it works. My opinion is that it is likely to be physical as one affects the other but I concur it is to be proven what is going on. Similarly with yoga I think it is physical, for similar reasons, but I guess if we don't fully understand conscious thought, then neither of us can say we know for sure what happens in the mind body process. I just had a brief look at the Ian Stevenson wiki page and the James Leilinger case so
  3. You believe what you believe and say that the truth about god comes from personal experience. Not something that can be debated but it's fine. In this post you say you know many people who have experienced their past lives while living now and in much detail. That should be provable - speaking different languages, verifiable facts about locations and people in the past or just giving a detailed description of the way of life. Forget the word science if it turns you off. Just get them to be tested by someone objective. One might suggest if they remember their past lives they should
  4. ... in another, I was Elvis. Was that nickname after 1956 Elvis, or 1967 Elvis, or 1977 Elvis.
  5. What is the university and who are the teachers and what is their methodology in your example. Is it god? A particular text? A book on yoga? For yoga I accept that it has all sorts of positive effects and they are physical in my opinion. The mind and consciousness is physical. Control of breathing, flexibility, diet and exercise can affect peace of the mind and focus, and that can in turn lead to good decisions in life including doing exercise etc. On the other hand life experience such as hard word, or charitable work, or taking drugs and girls, and being good or bad, might
  6. I have noticed a trend towards cans in premium beers in Australia. In Australia many cans are still 375 ml or sometimes bigger. I like bottles but like cans too. Easier to carry a box to the car.
  7. I think it's about context. If you compare things like social freedom and music the 50's might come up wanting. But if you consider the contrast of the 50's to the horrors of the 40's both in terms of war, and going without, the 50's would've been a tonic in terms of hope and new opportunities, and a sense of freedom and fun. The sense of freedom and purpose enjoyed as a punk can seem shallow and childish in comparison.
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