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  1. No worries. It's surprising sometimes there isn't clearer information available .. it might still be worth getting advice given the non-resident aspect of it. I would get the super fund to confirm the different component amounts of your super - they should be able to do that. Then I'd call ATO and be persistent and you'll find someone who knows this stuff back to front - if who you are talking to is a bit vague just say thanks but could they please escalate it as you need a clear response and keep doing that till you find that person. If that doesn't work maybe get an accountant - a good on
  2. In your situation it appears at 58 you have reached preservation age but are under 60 so you can take the first $215,000 of the taxable component tax free in 2020/21. If you've just put money in through after tax amounts and not through salary sacrifice or an amount that had been claimed as a deduction there should not be a taxable bit. Your super fund might not want to give tax advice as that is beyond their role. They should though be able to say that x amount is a tax free component and y amount the taxable component and if y is under $215,000 you'll be fine. So if you had a t
  3. There is no tax on withdrawal if you have a taxed super fund and you are turning 60 . It will not be a taxed fund unless you have a defined benefit fund such as for longer term public servants such as myself. At the time I turn 60 I'll have a bit of tax but if I wait till 60 there are offsets that reduce it close to nil. If you have a normal super fund there is no tax.
  4. Trump is going to want to go out with the focus on him. He'll time is pardonpallooza just at the time to take the focus off Biden and get the headlines if he can.
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