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  1. Agree, turn them over to the Assad regime. Hopefully quick trials and a firing squad. Be rid of them.
  2. It would not have taken me much more than an day to find him guilty. He's one bad hombre.
  3. If the people hyping climate change were not in the press a good deal of the time, then most people would not even notice anything happening. Farmers have known for generations that there are good years and bad years for weather. We've had the wettest winter in years here in California. Global warming, climate change, who cares. If indeed something serious occurs 100 years from now, the population can deal with it then. There always has and always will be changes going on and we probably can't stop it. Certainly all the crap about carbon taxes, etc. is just another way to collect taxes. What we do in the local community has no relevance on the global picture. China, India, and other countries coming of age will negate anything we do. So I will continue to drive my big SUV and not worry about it. Nothing is going to stop anything from happening anyway.
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