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  1. A kid with a calculator would be more accurate. This guy just farted out a random number and wished for the best.
  2. I'm thinking more about if there are specific strains that the government want / imposed regulations. Perhaps there are regulations such as only Thai strains / crossed with a Thai strain / specific strains only etc. It's really hard to find information about this.
  3. Since world news has gone, TVF has been really up to date and informative with news in Thailand. Good job! Waiting for Immigration offices to be shut down... or is it just wishful thinking?
  4. I would recommend starting with a teaching agency. They'll handle all the paperwork, arrange a job and have accomodation ready before you get on the plane. Agencies will usually pay for your work permit & visa fees, give you a ready made curriculum and offer training etc. There are many reputable agencies here in Thailand, and it's the most convenient way to start. I think most TVF members here will tell you that there is a lot of paperwork involved to get the correct visa, extensions and work permits. Having an agency take care of this makes life easier. Once your 'friend' ha
  5. We'll be doing an indoor, hydroponic grow to eliminate bugs / pest / mold etc. There's money to be made, but it depends on your grow methods and lighting. Indoor DWC hydroponic systems are sterile, huge reduction in time taken to grow and a big increase in final yield. Using advanced LED quantum board lighting systems with correct plant training techniques increases your yield further. Growing outdoors in this climate is a waste of time. Greenhouse systems are very prone to mold, pests, bud rot etc. The key questions are strain types, getting started and further information etc...
  6. So the gov just announced that all households can grow up to 6 weed plants for sale to the gov/hospital. Apparently family members can form a social enterprise and team up for larger yields. They pay 45,000 Baht per kilo if it has a CBD content of 12% +, so the money is pretty good for growing a plant that will only take 3/4 months to grow. Questions: Mrs Ubon has a large family, but we are looking at just starting out with 6 plants. Do we need to register or anything with 6 plants, or is registration only required for social / community enterprises? I've tried looking at the Th
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