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  1. You need to check the speed of your LAN/Wireless card. A lot of computers /laptops ship out with the most basic components. This is especially true here in Thailand. For example, my LAN card only has 100Mbps top speed (You'll never get the top speed) but my WiFi ard has a top speed of 433Mbps. My laptop is only a year old, and is a DELL. Type device manager in the search bar and click on it. click on network adapters and find your LAN controller (It's not the wireless one!) left click and hit properties. Cycle over to advanced, click on speed & duplex. There you wil
  2. Has there been any news about covid extensions continuing past the 29th Jan? I've been waiting and waiting for the BOI freelancer visa to come out, but it's still not available. I saw an immigration announcement extending the period of time for residents outside Thailand who have yet to re-enter, as the COVID situation still prevents people from travelling easily. Perhaps they will also extend the covid extensions?
  3. I think that's the problem, he's only got a grip on his Johnson - not the COVID situation. Kleenex bill for Number 10 must be through the roof.
  4. So banks move out of London and weed farms move in? If this could be a global pattern, the world would be a better (and more chilled out) place.
  5. I sympathise with his plight to get back home, but it seems like he should have gone on the flight to singapore. He would have at least been in transit and probably landed home by now. The one thing I find hard to believe is that he couldn't get a job. He's an Ozzie - pretty much any English speaking foreigner in Thailand now could find a teaching gig for 30k or so a month. Shameful leaching off his GF for such a long time.
  6. Ubon - I use True 500/500Mbps upload & download. Fast! Speed testing regularly confirms I do get these speeds. It does occasionally go down when the weather is severe, or a cable gang is stealing the wires overnight! Faults are usually fixed within a few hours. I get all three services (WiFi / TV/ Phone) for 699 (799 - I can't remember) a month +89 baht for speed boost. Cheap!
  7. Sorry, but you're wrong. If you had been paying attention to the news daily, like some of us do, you would have already known how many of those cases were found by active case finding, contact tracing and how many were people who turned up at a hospital. Active case finding is not going on in all the provinces - only the major cities around BKK & Chiang Mai. Active case finding is limited to the ones they know about - confirmed cases and who those people had been in contact with. So a bloke who came from BKK market and went to ubon and met some folks would appear as a contact
  8. Unsubstantiated? I think not. It's a fact that they are not testing outside of the big cities close to BKK. It's a fact that Thais / migrants / farang have to pay for tests in a hospital. It's a fact that many people have been arrested in Ubon for illegally transporting illegal migrants from the border to BKK. It's a fact that people were travelling up and down the country over New Year during the 2nd wave. It's a fact that those sick migrants they found with COVID had to go shopping for basic neccesities like food, water, entertainme
  9. I'm quite tired of reading these BS numbers, anyone else? We all know and understand that the government isn't testing for it because it doesn't want to find it. People in this country can't get tested for the virus without going to a hospital and paying for a test - how many poor / migrant folks do you think are going to spend what little money they have on a test for covid? We've all noticed that cases only seem to come from the big cities in and around Bangkok, and Chiang Mai. Haven't people been going up and down the country over new year? Haven't they b
  10. They try to steal paintings - remember the commerce ministry chap who tried to steal 3 paintings from a hotel in Japan? Being Thailand, this is probably a copy. Why do Thai men like flashy watches and bling? I thought that was a female thing...
  11. Trumps last act: Pardons himself, family, & friends before he was marched out of the white house, for refusing to leave, by secret service personel." Any takers on this being the next headline?
  12. https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-who-vaccines/exclusive-who-vaccine-scheme-risks-failure-leaving-poor-countries-no-covid-shots-until-2024-idUSL8N2IV50J The problem is with the WHO. Bad management - hence why I said earlier, why are they pointing the blame at others when it's their failure. Countries have donated BILLIONS into the fund - the UK alone has coughed up almost a billion - 798 Million GBP. Astrazeneca-Oxford (another one from the UK) is offering the dose at around 3 USD a dose - and has signed agreements and technology transfers to several countries to produce
  13. I do apologise, you're correct! It is still Ben: Chiang Mai Ben Svasti Thomson Email: [email protected]
  14. The boy, as many have rightly pointed out, is a dual citizen IF the lady in question is Thai. She should know this, so it's quite likely that she isn't a Thai person, or she's not being entirely truthful. Regardless of whether or not she is Thai, she can still seek assistance from the British Embassy. There is an honorary consul in Chiang Mai - Perhaps she could pop over or call him. He could help make any appointments / find out what the embassy could do for her. Honorary Consul Jon Glendinning Address 198 Bumrungraj Roa
  15. Have you been to a Thai market - more flies on Thais and meat produce than white on rice.
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