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  1. Excellent info, I did mine last year in November, and they informed me that all thai debit/credit cards are now accepted. I had to email and ask them, because a friend of mine incorrectly told me that you must have a UK debit card, or an international credit card - this is now no longer the case.
  2. Sorry, my post meant to say that all thai bank cards can be used! (they are all able to process international payments thanks for pointing out my error
  3. https://www.embassypages.com/unitedkingdom-embassy-bangkok-thailand Looks like there are two buildings, one in BKK, another in CM
  4. Here: https://www.gov.uk/world/organisations/british-embassy-bangkok
  5. No, you can use a thai bank. I used my Krungsri (yellow bank) card last year. To the OP, it's a very straightforward and easy process. Take a bank statement printed and stamped in branch for 100 baht as your proof of address + passport Go to the 5th floor of trendy building and there are lot's of visa offices who, for a small fee, will fill the forms in for you, take your photographs and photocopy every page of your passport (including the info pages) in colour. My photos didn't need countersigning either. Then head up to the 28th floor - they moved from the 8th floor due to COVID workspace restrictions and hand everything in. Everything can be completed in under 30 minutes.
  6. investwise? Did you mean investvine? Point is, flights really were impacted then. Now it's not too difficult to find a flight to UK/Eurozone/America. Prior to the amnesty announcement, there was a lot of talk about another one in the pipeline - due to their being next to no flights and Thailand had 'officially closed it's skies.' with the emergency decree. Not the same situation now. There is nothing wrong with hoping for another amnesty, i don't have to extend my visa until the end of the month so it would be great to have another one. HOWEVER, if i didn't have the luxury of that extension, i would certainly have arranged a more permanent solution by now. By now of course, it may be too late to convert to another visa without the aid of an embassy letter, or an agent. Bit tricky to get these letters from the British embassy, there are lot's of rejections being reported on this forum. If there are people still who haven't made another plan now (i'm seeing lot's of these too!), then please, help yourself and find out what you can do before it's too late!
  7. Fantastic news that Thailand is now on the travel corridor list and we no longer have to quarantine for 2 weeks. The question still remains - why aren't you automatically issuing these letters like other embassies (the US for example). Daily covid stats are at 4000 per day for the last two days, and a covid outbreak is reason enough to apply for a 30 day extension.
  8. If you read the posts, 'idiots' actually came from the previous forum member, i was merely flipping his statement around. Regardless, It is idiotic to wait for a further amnesty when you're being told -short stay/VOA/exemption holders should please prepare to depart by the September the 26th OR arrange a long term visa. Those with genuine issues getting home can claim an embassy letter of support. Visa help is apparently on the way for others in difficulties such as a loosening of the current IO standards. If there is a third amnesty, it will not be for tourist visa holders. Have a plan!!! There's also going to be an update to the 'SMART' visa - easier to obtain, new fields added, start up's etc. and, there's a rumor that this is what us digital nomads have been waiting for .... independent experts who don't do any work inside Thailand may be able to qualify for a long term visa in exchange for tax contributions.
  9. That’s really helpful to know you can pay for the first 3 months first, and then extend later... I don’t use fb, thanks! I’ll google them and send a message later. Hopefully it can all be done by post, it’d be a nice trip away with the gf if not though
  10. I'm the opposite; I'm also self employed and I would happily pay tax in exchange for a permanent visa. Tax is much lower in Thailand, the weather is much better, houses are cheaper to build and i'm much happier here. Unfortunately setting up a company is a bit complicated and it takes time to do. So not an option right now, but something to look at in the future.
  11. I use Krungsri and i know you can pay 100 baht in branch to have a 12 month statement printed and stamped for you. I had to do this for proof of address. I'm not sure about which office to go, When applying in Thailand, i think you must apply for the visa in the area your address is. I'm not 100 % sure about that bit though!
  12. Yes, i thought 12 months too. You're right of course, 400k for a couple of months is a lot easier. Using the embassy letters should give him enough time to help.
  13. You can use the embassy letter to springboard to a long term visa based on marriage. This should give you enough time to leave the cash in the bank, or you can show 40k monthly deposits from abroad into a thai bank account (your account).
  14. I've recently received a quote of 60k +100 baht for each 90 days report - saves me going into the office and feeling a bit shy!
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