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  1. Looks like it! I think it might be time to complain about the office, there have been so many mistakes. Lost a lot of time and a little money! Tired of going back and forth, what should i do?
  2. Isn't that retired folks and backpacking school teachers?
  3. Your friend needs to go back to immigration, the form specifically notes that an embassy letter is not required. Embassies are not issuing letters anymore so i don't know how they were supposed to get a letter.
  4. Why was i charged 3,900 baht in Ubon? Starting to think something is wrong!!! How do you have an embassy letter? I thought all embassies stopped issuing letters when the last announcement from immigration came out.
  5. Was this bar stool brigade chatter that you heard, or a confirmed report? It would be highly unusual as the extensions are processed and granted by BKK, that's why a 2 week 'under consideration' stamp is issued.
  6. Oh dear - sounds like the QAnon brigade have found there way onto TVF and the UK... another sh*tty export from our American 'friends'
  7. No hairdresser or tailor, finding you dishevelled, can hevel you. And if you're unkempt, you will never be kempt again. When you take something apart, you dismantle it. But you'll never mantle it by putting it together again.
  8. I paid 3,900 baht so i don't think that's correct. Ubon immigration informed me that we can only apply for this extension twice - this may change of course.
  9. Thai people could have a better pension if i, as a foreigner and non beneficiary, pay for them to have it? Now who's freeloading? You seem to be conflating government expenditure decisions with a miniscule proportion of the non-thai population. The tiny drop in tax we could pay wouldn't make any difference. Although we may stay in Thailand longer than 180 days (for tax residence purposes) we are not able to apply for a tax ID without documentation such as working for a Thai entity, or a foreign company with a presence in Thailand. Until the government change
  10. Freeloader? Definition; a person who takes advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return. What has the Thai government generously given me that i have not given anything in return for? I paid for the visa and extensions. I pay for all my utilities, food, housing etc... the list goes on. I openly talk with immigration officers about my online activities as i have been here for years and they are friendly officers. If there were any issues i'm sure they would have told me to stop talking about it, they are the gatekeepers!
  11. I'd say a bit above tight a#s and a little below pretentious git is just about the right amount.
  12. I applied for a new passport (reason- no pages remaining) at trendy building in November (2019). The process is very simple and lightning fast. Make an appointment at VFS using this email address: [email protected] In your email, send your full name and choose three different dates and times from 8:30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. They will respond with your allocated slot. You can also just walk in now, although that comes at a premium;1,500 baht. Print out the booking confirmation letter to bring with you. When you arrive at Trendy building, you'll need to fi
  13. As soon as they provide a visa / extension of stay for the purpose of working remotely / online legally, i'll happily get a tax ID and pay into the system. Until then, i'll continue earning, tax free, each month and spending it as i see fit.
  14. Just thinking if things turn sour, he could be in for a shock. At least this way, he can see whomever he pleases and doesn't have to worry about the ex taking a trip to the IO! Best of luck to the OP
  15. Do we all need COVID insurance now, or is this only for those coming in?
  16. It only took me 15 minutes - I have an under consideration stamp for 2 weeks. Have to go back Nov 5th for the official stamp. Needed; 3,900 baht, photo, passport copies, proof of address and this form.
  17. You could go to the IO and inform them. With your extension cancelled, you then fall under 'visa amnesty' - everyone currently here can stay until the 31st of this month. You can only do this now because of amnesty rules - obviously you couldn't do this pre-covid, and your window of time is running out. Once amnesty is up, they don't have to let you apply for the 60 day extension, as your extension would be invalid, and there is no amnesty period protecting you. Once your current extension based on marriage is cancelled, you could apply for the COVID 60 day extension -
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