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  1. AA sent a policy for April My Thailand that actually says it's from LMG - is your April plan underwritten by LMG?
  2. Nice try AXA. The webpage states "This document is not insurance contract" and your comment refers to "the policy" - any other reassurance is meaningless when it comes time for AXA to pay (or not pay). Where in the policy does it state "AXA will cover for the hospital expense necessarily incurred if an insured person is tested positive for COVID-19 regardless of the showing of symptoms"? The word "necessarily" also implies it would be up to AXA to determine that none of it is "necessary" without showing symptoms.
  3. Non-Imm B visa. Will I have to go to employment office or file/get any other documents? What would happen if my friend does not file TM30 when I visit? When returning to my apartment after staying at a hotel do I have to have my landlord file the TM30 every time? What happens if they don't?
  4. How can you qualify for government health insurance, other than working and paying taxes? Which government hospitals in Bangkok would you recommend?
  5. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/coming-to-thailand-check-your-insurance-and-asq-fine-print
  6. Because those policies do not actually provide any coverage for quarantine. They are a scam
  7. What would the correct procedure and forms needed for this example itinerary? Day 1. Arrive Provide T8 at airport Check in to quarantine hotel Hotel submits TM30 but do I still have to submit something? 15. Leave quarantine for another hotel ? 16. Open a bank account What documents will they want? 22. Rent monthly apartment and stay there for 3 nights ? 25. Stay with a friend in another province for a week ? 32. Stay in a hotel for 3 nights ? 35. Return to apartment ? 90. 90 day extension due
  8. We all know to get COE we need proof of insurance. And of course we should have real insurance to cover in case of accident. However... The Thai policies touted have exclusions that would not cover during quarantine or not cover forced hospitalization for testing positive without symptoms (as it would not be "medically" necessary). Would this work for avoiding the scam? 1. Buy insurance policy that allows refund within 15/30 days 2. Use insurance coverage letter to get COE 3. Arrive 4. Cancel policy 5. Get refund If so, which
  9. Sounds like getting a COVID coverage letter in 2 weeks isn't going to happen. How much detail do they expect about pre-existing conditions? The form has like one line to list everything. I do not have any medical records on hand to provide either. Don't know how to proceed.
  10. What has that experience been like?
  11. Why did they take him to 4 different hospitals before they treated him?
  12. What is the timeline for renewing visa, work permit and extension? Renew extension after first 3 months and work permit after 1 year?
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